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20030210: Compile ldm-mcidas-7.8.0 on a RedHat Linux 8.0 i386 machine (cont.)

>From: Eirh-Yu Hsie <address@hidden>
>Organization: Aeronomy Laboratory/NOAA
>Keywords: 200302071859.h17IxF602516 ldm-mcidas RedHat 8.0

>Hello, Tom:

>I found out what the problem was.  I have problem building netCDF 3.5.0 with
>gcc and g++:
>setenv CC gcc
>setenv CXX g++

OK.  You should be able to build ldm-mcidas linking against the version
of netCDF built with McIDAS.

>The c++ interface always fails.  So I change the compiler (Portland Group 
>Version 4.0):
>setenv CC pgfcc
setenv CXX pgCC
>It compiles fine, but I have problem when I compile other program with gcc and
>link with the pgcc generated library (libnetcdf.a).

I am not suprised by this.

>I would very like to know how Unidata compile NetCDF c++ interface in RedHat 

I believe that you need to grab the LDM 3.5.1 beta (or above) to be
able to build the C++ interface using GCC 3+ (RedHat 8.0 comes with
such a version of GCC).

>In the McIDAS case, you do not compile NetCDF c++ interface (CXX is 

That's right, my recommendations for building McIDAS is to define CXX
to be blank so the C++ interface will not be built (McIDAS doesn't need
that interface, so why build it).

I am at the AMS show right now, so I have to run...


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