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20030129: profiler data

>From: "Paul L. Sirvatka" <address@hidden>
>Organization: COD
>Keywords: 200301291659.h0TGx0618184 ldm-mcidas McIDAS FSL wind profiler

Hi Paul,

>IS there something up with the profiler data?

Not that I know of.

>We stopped getting our MD
>files made so I suspected that something is corrupted. Quite frankly I am
>not sure how I would find that out or why it happens or what to do if it
>did. However, when I pointed to UNIDATA's ADDE server for ptsrc data I
>came up with no data also.

I just pointed at adde.ucar.edu for RTPTSRC and was able to list and
plot current hourly summary profiler data for every station I tried.
I did see that Platville, CO had no 6-minute data, but Slater, IA did
have data.  I also verfied that I can get the profiler data from
Gilbert's ADDE server, weather2.admin.niu.edu.

>Any ideas?

I would have to look at log files, see if the profiler MD files existed
but were corrupted, etc. before I could come up with any theory.  What
does the log output from the profiler decoder, proftomd, look like
on your system?


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