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20030126: ldm-mcidas upgrade; renegade processes on papagayo

>From: Unidata User Support <address@hidden>
>Organization: Unidata Program Center/UCAR
>Keywords: 200301280007.h0S07h626601 ldm-mcidas IDD

Hi Clint,

I upgraded the ldm-mcidas decoders on papagayo to v2002b as I promised
a little while ago.  While doing so, I changed where ldm-mcidas
decoders log (some logged into ~ldm/logs/ldm-mcidas.log and some logged
into ~ldm/logs/ldmd.log).  They no wall log in
~ldm/logs/ldm-mcidas.log.  I made the change in the pqact.conf
templates in ~ldm/etc/pqact/*_mcidas and ~ldm/etc/pqact/*_GINI.  I also
made the exact same mods to the pqact.conf file that is being used,
~ldm/etc/pqact.conf.  I will let you run your script that combines the
pqact.conf sections into a working version.

BTW, the mod to the GINI file was to start using the ldm-mcidas
'pngg2gini' decoder in place of the readpng routine.

While at it, I deleted ~ldm/logs/png.log since it will no longer be updated.

After making the mods, I ran top to watch things for awhile, and I
noticed that three processes were consuming papagayo.  One was an old
readpng process, so I killed it.  The other two are not being run as

load averages:  3.26,  3.82,  4.18                                     09:36:29
126 processes: 120 sleeping, 1 running, 1 zombie, 4 on cpu
CPU states: 14.4% idle, 64.3% user, 21.3% kernel,  0.0% iowait,  0.0% swap
Memory: 4096M real, 2644M free, 390M swap in use, 4832M swap free

  1947 root      15  10    0 9584K 6768K cpu/2   77.5H 23.07% hpwebjetd
 18129 crowe      1  10    0 1232K 1064K cpu/3  643:30 22.96% pg

Lastly, I have been upgrading papagayo to the latest LDM 6 release
candidate as they become available.  Your ingestion has not been
affected during the process (except to improve), so I didn't feel
pressure to keep sending you information notes.

Please let me know if you seen anything unusual on papagayo that could
be related to either LDM 6 or ldm-mcidas v2002b.  My short period of
observation seemed to indicate that everything went smoothly, but you
never know.


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