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20030121: LDM-McIDAS Decoders - Solaris 2.6 Solaris 8 - GetSatBandInfo:Sat or Band info not found in SA

>From: World Wide Web Account <address@hidden>
>Organization: Instituto Nacional de Meteorologia (INM)
>Keywords: 200301211113.h0LBDlH22334 ldm-mcidas 7.6.4

Hi Pepo,


>All my METEOSAT area2png'd McIDAS AREAs complain
>while GetSatBandInfo is running.
>I send to you samples to elaborate my case.
>right off the shelf. The image is a remapped
>WV (Band 10) Meteosat image sampled at 10Km Res.
>Searched your ldm-mcidas e-mail archive with no
>matches to this. (as expected)
>My urge in getting this solved is really low, as
>nothing really operational depends on it.

OK, that is good to know.

>Just thought you'd like to hear.

Yes, thank you.  I will look into this and see if the problem still
exists in the latest ldm-mcidas distribution (v2002b).



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