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20030117: Unidata-Wisconsin imagery in GARP

>From: "Patrick S. Market" <address@hidden>
>Organization: U Missouri
>Keywords: 200301171825.h0HIPgx27808 ldm-mcidas


>Hello.  I am writing to you regarding an apparent problem with our LDM
>and satellite images.  I mistakenly wrote to Jeff Weber, intending to
>write to you, although I'll be happy to have help from anyone.
>In a nutshell, we are no longer receiving satellite images into GARP.

Are you receiving the imagery by the IDD?  If yes, are they being decoded
by pqact.conf actions?

>Everything else seems to function well, except for that.  I have looked
>around, and it seems that we may have lost SATANNOT and SATBAND 
>from the /etc  in /usr/local/ldm.  However, I have put new copies
>there, and that does not seem to have worked.

Have you made any other modifications to the LDM ingestion/decoding
of Unidata-Wisconsin imagery (IDD feed type MCIDAS or UNIWISC)?

>I had some other work
>done on the system on Monday (which should not have impacted the
>LDM at all), and then rebooted the system on Tuesday.

Those things that "should have not impacted the LDM" typically turn
out to be gotchas :-(

>I failed to
>restart the LDM after the system reboot until Wednesday.


>Do you have time to take a quick look at our system?

If you give us a login to your machine as the user 'ldm', I will take
a quick look at your setup for ingesting and decoding the Unidata-Wisconsin
images.  If this is OK, then the problem is something in your GARP
setup, and Chiz will have to help you.


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