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20021017: ldm-mcidas decoders on climate.cod.edu (cont.)

>From: "David B. Bukowski" <address@hidden>
>Organization:  COD
>Keywords:  200210112103.g9BL3W104525 ldm-mcidas LDM configure build


re: use binary distribution for ldm-mcidas decoders

>yes i can do that.  just its associated with "redhat" distro.  so i'm
>assuming that since i'm using kernel build 2.4.x use the latest redhat
>but the problem is still occuring.  just moved offices, so need to get my
>regular computer in here.

I took a look at the output you included in your attempt to build
the ldm-mcidas decoders:

>these are the setenv variables
>LD_MCIDAS=-L/home/mcidas/lib -lmcidas
>LD_NETCDF=-L/home/mcidas/mcidas7.8/netcdf/libsrc -lnetcdf
>LD_X11=-L/usr/X11R6/lib -lX11
>also tried
>LD_X11=-L/usr/lib/X11 -lX11

In particular, I note that the definition for LD_LDM will only be
correct if you have built the LDM from source and if you did not
follow the recommended procedure for building the LDM by release

Typically, one downloads the LDM and unpacks it in ~ldm.  This
will result in a directory whose name contains the LDM release
version.  For instance, if you downloaded the source distribution
of LDM v5.2, the directory structure that you would end up with is
~ldm/ldm-5.2.  When you install the LDM after the requisite configure
and 'make', 'make install' steps, you will end up with a directory
structure that looks like:

     - bin
     - include
~ldm - lib
     - man
     - src 

The setting for LD_LDM for building the ldm-mcidas decoders would then

LD_LDM='-L/home/ldm/ldm-5.2/lib -lldm'



If you do have a /home/ldm/lib directory, AND if libldm.a is in /home/ldm/lib,
then the problem is that LD_LDM does not identify libldm.a as a library
to search.  The setting should look like:

LD_LDM='-L/home/ldm/lib -lldm'

Either of the above two conditions would account for the errors you are seeing 
during the build.  The definition of LD_LDM satisfys configure,
but it is probably the case that /home/ldm/lib either doesn't exist; 
it doesn't contain libldm.a; and/or your LD_LDM doesn't name libldm.a
as a library to search.

The same sort of comments apply to CPP_LDM.

Finally, you note that you tried a couple of different things for LD_X11

>also tried 
>LD_X11=-L/usr/lib/X11 -lX11 

The errors you reported in linking were the failure to find 'udebug'
and 'unotice'.  Since these are entry points in libldm.a, changing
the reference to libX11.a won't affect anything.


>On Wed, 16 Oct 2002, Tom Yoksas wrote:
>>From: "David B. Bukowski" <address@hidden>
>>From:  Unidata Support <address@hidden>
>Hi Dave,
>Steve Chiswell CCed me this interchange when I was out of town.
>Are you still struggling to build the ldm-mcidas decoders?  If
>so, can you not use one of the binary distributions I provide?
>>The udebug and unotice references are in the ulog routines of the 
>>LDM library libldm.a.
>>I see you have a LD_LDM reference but not the -lldm library in the list.
>>So, you need to make sure you are getting the -lldm file on the link line.
>>Tom is the one that handles the ldm-mcidas decoders, and is currently out
>>of town, so I'll have to let him look at your problem next week
>>if you can't get it to compile with the above suggestion. In the mean time,
>>you may want to just download the binary distribution.
>>Steve Chiswell
>>>From: "David B. Bukowski" <address@hidden>
>>>Organization: UCAR/Unidata
>>>Keywords: 200210112045.g9BKjP103889
>>>upgrading to the new decoders, and can't seem to get to compile... always
>>>ending up with an error.  the logs are on the system.
>>>but keep coming up at the end giving me this error
>>>area2png.o(.text+0x626): undefined reference to `udebug'
>>>area2png.o(.text+0x634): undefined reference to `udebug'
>>>area2png.o(.text+0x645): more undefined references to `udebug' follow
>>>area2png.o: In function `main':
>>>area2png.o(.text+0x70d): undefined reference to `unotice'
>>>collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
>>>make[2]: *** [area2png] Error 1
>>>make[2]: Leaving directory
>>>make[1]: *** [decode/all] Error 1
>>>make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/ldm/ldm-mcidas/ldm-mcidas-7.8.0/src'
>>>+ set +x
>>>these are the setenv variables
>>>LD_MCIDAS=-L/home/mcidas/lib -lmcidas
>>>LD_NETCDF=-L/home/mcidas/mcidas7.8/netcdf/libsrc -lnetcdf
>>>LD_X11=-L/usr/X11R6/lib -lX11
>>>also tried 
>>>LD_X11=-L/usr/lib/X11 -lX11 
>>>with different error message
>>>thanks for any help

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