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20021001: Unidata NEXRAD composite imagery

>From: "Paul L. Sirvatka" <address@hidden>
>Organization: College of DuPage
>Keywords: 200210011355.g91Dto117919 FNEXRAD composite ldm-mcidas

Hi Paul,

>Hope you are doing well.

Things are moving along, thanks.

>I wish I had a chance to come out to Boulder
>again. Any workshops in the offing?

The next set of training workshops will be held either next summer or
next fall.  We are pretty much down to one series of training workshops
per year.  If you are ever in Boulder, however, you are always free
to drop in and get one-on-one consultation (if the person you need
help from is available, of course).

>I have finally decided to add the McIDAS radar composite to my list of
>todo activities and do away with subscribing to the MNG's. (and save

OK.  You know that you can access the composites using ADDE from any
one of the cooperating community servers.  The data set NEXRCOMP is
available on:


You access them from your McIDAS session(s) by setting up a DATALOC
to the appropriate server (only need to do this once, or as often
as you need to switch to a different server):

DATALOC ADD NEXRCOMP stratus.al.noaa.gov

>I have spent a lot of time looking but cannot find readily the info on
>setting this up. Could you help please?

If you want to ingest the data locally using the LDM, you will need to
request a feed of FNEXRAD from your upstream host.  You will then need
to run ldm-mcidas decoders to convert the products to McIDAS (and GEMPAK
and WXP) readable formats (pngg2gini for the products in GINI format;
pnga2area for the products in AREA format).

>>From address@hidden Tue Oct  1 13:43:29 2002
>>Subject: Important
>I think I found the e-mail about how to set things up. UNless there is
>something new I need to know, please disregard my last request!

Please let me know if you run into difficulties.  I will be in and out this
week as I am attending the GOES User Conference here in Boulder.




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