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20020520: UPC NEXRAD Level III composite products now available in IDD

>From: David Wojtowicz <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Illinois
>Keywords: 200205172114.g4HLEWa12891 IDD FNEXRAD headers


>What headers do these appear under in the FNEXRAD datastream?

Please review:

  How to Get NOAAPORT NEXRAD Data via the LDM

This page contains a table that shows what the headers for the various
NEXRAD composite products in the FNEXRAD feed look like.

>>>From: Unidata User Support <address@hidden>
>>>Organization: Unidata Program Center/UCAR
>>Unidata LDM Users:
>>New Products Available:
>>   The Unidata IDD FNEXRAD feed (known as NMC3 in LDM release 5.1.2 and
>>   earlier) now contains five images created from composites of
>>   NEXRAD Level III products:
>>                          Decoded  Decoded File   Broadcast
>>         Product           Format  size [bytes]   Frequency   IDD Feed
>>      -------------------+--------+-------------+------------+--------
>>       1 km national N0R    GINI     14208533     6 - 10 min  FNEXRAD
>>       2 km national N1P    GINI      3552533     6 - 10 min  FNEXRAD
>>       4 km national NTP    GINI       888533     6 - 10 min  FNEXRAD
>>       6 km national N0R    AREA       401280     6 - 10 min  FNEXRAD
>>      10 km national RCM    AREA       166880       30   min  FNEXRAD
>>   The images sent in the IDD are in PNG-compressed formats; their
>>   transmission sizes are considerably smaller (typically one tenth) than
>>   the decoded sizes listed above.
>| David Wojtowicz, Sr. Research Programmer
>| Department of Atmospheric Sciences Computer Services
>| University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
>| email: address@hidden  phone: (217)333-8390


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