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20011212: setup of ldm-mcidas, LDM, XCD, and McIDAS at COFC (cont.)

>From: "James R. Frysinger" <address@hidden>
>Organization: College of Charleston
>Keywords: 200111061842.fA6Igt112242 LDM binary install


>Quick note: Went downtown and launched mcidas. Satellite images were 
>weirdly pixelated and colored.

This shows lack of colors.

>Opened the desktop gui that adjusts 
>colors and selected "More colors for applications"  (I guess Solaris 
>doesn't trust users to see the numbers) and that solved the problem. 

That is how I have my CDE setup.

>Found out that the 'command' button opens up the text/command window 
>for command line entries and went back and forth between it and mcui -- 

The icon is supposed to look like a keyboard.  It used to be the standard
Microsoft icon for keyboards.  I guess it is a little small...
BTW, there are three keyboard options each operated by a different
mouse button:

left   -> McIDAS-X GUI Console
middle -> McIDAS Text and Command Window
right  -> McIDAS-X Command Mode

The one launched from the middle button is the familiar McIDAS Text
and Command window.  It exists outside of the GUI context.  The one
launched with the right button is a version of the one launched
with the left button, but it lives outside of the GUI context.  The
one launched with the left button shows each command run by the MCGUI
and maintains those commands in a command stack that you can use
for recall, edit, and rerun of a command.

>Saw and plotted lightning data. Showed off mcidas and mcgui 
>and impressed my colleague; he's now "hungry" as he put it. Saved and 
>then printed (from terminal) a ps formatted picture; I guess the print 
>button isn't hooked up yet.

Right.  I have to work on the print options that may be needed depending
on the different OSes supported for McIDAS.

>I set up a "wxguest" user to use in tutoring colleagues. Must have 
>taken me 60 seconds (while my colleague and I were chatting about the 
>possibilities that mcidas provides us now). Geez. Yep, I remembered to 
>start with 'mcidas config'.

Right on, brother!

>No problems to report for a change!   :-)

Wow!  Nice to hear.

I just logged on to weather and setup NEXRAD radar ingest, filing,
scouring, and serving by ADDE.  You should now be able to select the
RTNEXRAD dataset from the Imagery option of the Display dropdown menu
and look at the nine radar sites located closest to Charleston.  I
added the request for NNEXRAD and changed the request for NMC3 to
FNEXRAD in ldmd.conf and all versions that would/could be used when
ldmfail runs.

Scouring is accomplished from a crontab entry run of the C shell script
prune_nexrad.csh which I put in ~ldm/util.  You should edit this script
to take a look and possibly change slightly.  The setup of the script
is currently to keep 12 of each product for each radar EXCEPT your home
radar, which was set to be CLX (Charleston) which is set to keep 60:

setenv PATH /export/home/ldm/util:${PATH}
set KEEP=12

You can change KEEP to keep more than 12 of every radar product except
for the LOCALSITE; LOCALKEEP to change the number saved for the
LOCALSITE; and LOCALSITE if your local site is not CLX.

After you make sure that your DATALOC for RTNEXRAD is weather.cofc.edu
(remember, use the MCGUI Client Routing Config menu button (just to the
right of the Z (for zoom))), let me know what you think.

The FNEXRAD use is still not setup, but that is a couple of minute job
that I will attend to later.


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