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20011029: 6-minute profiler decode at COD (cont.)

>From: "Paul L. Sirvatka" <address@hidden>
>Organization: College of DuPage
>Keywords: 200110292153.f9TLrs128399 ldm-mcidas proftomd


After your last note:

>>I assume you are still working on this issue? I have noticed that I do not
>>ge the schema error any more. Now I just do not get any data.

I sshed to weather and started looking again.  I found that the FSL2
action for 6-minute profiler data in ~ldm/etc/pqact.conf was incorrect:

FSL2    ^FSL\.NetCDF\.NOAAnet\.windprofiler\.06min\.(.*)\..*
        -close decoders/proftomd
        -d /home/data/mcidas -v U6 WPRO 91

The thing that was wrong was the schema name specification on the last
line: WPRO instead of WPR6.

I changed the entry and then sent a HUP to pqact telling it to reread
its pattern action file.

Since no data had been decoded since sometime yesterday, I then did a
notifyme looking for FSL2 data first from weather.cod.edu:

<while logged on as 'ldm' on weather.cod.edu>

notifyme -vxl- -f FSL2 -o 1800

This showed that no FSL2 data is arriving at weather.cod.edu.  Given this,
I looked up who is supposed to be feeding weather (the request
line in ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf) and see that the upstream feed site is
weather.admin.niu.edu.  Knowing this, I then checked to see if
weather.admin.niu.edu is getting any FSL2 data:

notifyme -vxl- -f FSL2 -o 3600 -h weather.admin.niu.edu

This shows that weather.admin.niu.edu is not receiving any FSL2 data, and
that is why you are not receiving/decoding any.

The next thing for someone there to do is contact Gilbert to see if
he knows why he is not receiving that data.


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