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20010918: ldm-mcidas; McIDAS-X/XCD 7.8 build fail on Solaris 8 using gcc/f2c (cont.)

>From: "Patrick O'Reilly" <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Northern Iowa
>Keywords: 200109172140.f8HLeL128622 McIDAS-X 7.80


re: f2c.h can't be found
>Done, couldn't find my f2c.h file, but i grabbed one off the web and all
>went well.

>I now want to grab the ldm-mcidas.tar.z binary  for Solaris to
>install, but notice on
>that there are only source installation instructions.  Are there binary
>installation instructions somewhere I am missing?  Should I just unzip and
>untar the file somewhere?  Maybe it's just been a long day and I am missing
>something simple somewhere.....

As a quick overview, I can offer the following:

The ldm-mcidas installation page has three parts:

Download the Software
Build the Software
Use the Software

The 'Download the Software' page:


has instructions for both source and binary distributions.

The 'Build the Software' page:


not only has instructions for building the distribution from source, it
also discusses (albeit not well) some considerations for where to
install the code.  This can be helpful in doing binary installations

The 'Use the Software' page:


deals with setting up the LDM's pqact.conf file to process data using
the ldm-mcidas decoders.

Now, what you are after is where you should unpack the binary ldm-mcidas
distribution for your system.  You could follow the guidelines offered
in the 'Build the Software' page, or you could do what I really recommend
which is the following:

o download the binary distribution as the user 'ldm' while in the HOME
  directory for 'ldm'

o unpack the distribution from ~ldm:

  zcat ldm-mcidas.tar.Z | tar xvf -

o if you havn't already done so, create the ~ldm/decoders directory
  and make sure to add this directory to the PATH specified for 'ldm'
  in its .cshrc file

o copy the ldm-mcidas decoders you will be using from the ldm-mcidas
  installation directory to various 'ldm' directories.  For the
  current release of ldm-mcidas, this would look like:

  <logged on as 'ldm'>
  cd ~ldm/ldm-mcidas-7.6.4/bin
  cp area2png nldn2md pnga2area proftomd batch.k uwgrid.sh ~ldm/decoders
  -- make sure that these files are executable by 'ldm' --

  cd ~ldm/ldm-mcidas-7.6.4/etc
  cp SATANNOT SATBAND ~ldm/etc
  cp ROUTE.SYS SYSKEY.TAB directory_where_your_ldm-mcidas_decoders_write_data

o leave the ldm-mcidas man pages in the ldm-mcidas installation directory.
  If you want to be able to use these man pages, alter your MANPATH environment
  variable setting in .cshrc to include the ~ldm/ldm-mcidas-7.6.4 directory

o follow/use the example pqact.conf entries in the ldm-mcidas-pqact.conf
  link on:


  Note that this is a file that can be downloaded using the web and use
  in pqact -- all of the appropriate whitespace are tabs --

Please let me know if this helped or not.


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