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20010803: png2area?

>From: "John C. Nordlie" <address@hidden>
>Organization: UND
>Keywords: 200108031931.f73JV0117350 ldm-mcidas pnga2area


>I can't seem to find the png2area decoder.

It is located in the ldm-mcidas package for which there are binary
distributions available for a variety of platforms (source is always available).

>Do I have to
>download and install McIDAS to get that, or can I find just that
>program somewhere?

Check out the ldm-mcidas Home Page:


and then:

Installation Instructions describes downloading, installing and
configuring the LDM-McIDAS package


Unless you are using a platform unsupported by Unidata, you should
be able to use one of the binary distributions available from links
in the last page above.

Tom Yoksas

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