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20010727: binary ldm-mcidas decoders for Linux

>From: Wayne Bresky <address@hidden>
>Organization: Cornell
>Keywords: 200107261641.f6QGft109510 McIDAS f2c display


>I am currently installing the ldm-mcidas decoders but I noticed that
>the src is version 7.6.  Will this version of ldm-mcidas work with
>McIDAS 7.7?

Yes.  Moreover, it will work with the 7.8 McIDAS distribution that is
soon to be released.

>Also, do you recommend building the decoders or just using the binary
>if one exists for RH 7.1?  Thanks.

Use the binaries.  They seem to work fine.  As a general rule, we have
found that binaries built under RedHat 6.2 work correctly under 7.x.
The reverse is not true, however.


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