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20010102: ldm-mcidas pnga2area invocations in pqact.conf

>From: Eirh-Yu Hsie <address@hidden>
>Organization: CU/CIRES
>Keywords: 200101021555.f02Ftlo18427 McIDAS-X 7.7 MCCOMPRESS


>In my LDM log file, I got the folowing messages:
>Jan 02 07:49:58 cumulus pnga2area[16869]: Starting Up
>Jan 02 07:49:58 cumulus pnga2area[16869]: Error: unable to find SATANNOT: No 
>such file or directory
>Jan 02 07:49:58 cumulus pnga2area[16869]: Error: unable to find SATBAND: No su
> ch 
>file or directory
>Jan 02 07:49:58 cumulus pnga2area[16869]: unPNG::    78624    322320  4.0995
>Jan 02 07:49:58 cumulus pnga2area[16869]: Exiting
>These two files (SATANNOT and SATBAND) are in my /home/mcidas/solaris/data 
>The decoder "pnga2area" is compiled with McIDAS 7.6 library.

pnga2area will look for these files in /home/mcidas/data by default.
If they exist someplace else, pnga2area has to be told where to look.
You do this by using the '-a' and '-b' flags on the pnga2area invocation
line in pqact.conf.

As an example, if your pqact.conf entry for pnga2area was:

MCIDAS  ^pnga2area Q. (..) (.*) (.*) (.*) (.*) (........) (....)
        PIPE    -close
        pnga2area -d /var/data/mcidas -r \1,\2

it should be modified to be:

MCIDAS  ^pnga2area Q. (..) (.*) (.*) (.*) (.*) (........) (....)
        PIPE    -close
        -a /home/mcidas/solaris/data/SATANNOT
        -b /home/mcidas/solaris/data/SATBAND
        -d /var/data/mcidas -r \1,\2

The other thing you could do is copy SATANNOT and SATBAND to ~ldm/etc
and set the '-a' and '-b' flags to point at that directory.

After making any changes to pqact.conf, you should:

ldmadmin pqactcheck
ldmadmin pqactHUP


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