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20001219: no profiler data (cont.)

>From: Gilbert Sebenste <address@hidden>
>Organization: NIU
>Keywords: 200012190004.eBJ04ko21484 ldm-mcidas proftomd


re: profiler decoding
>Yes it was. It still isn't updating now.

Hmm...  I tested this in two ways:

o logged onto weather and looked at the routing table entries for hourly
  summary and six-minute profiler data:

cd workdata
route.k LIST

  U2 FSL2 hourly wind profiler  default  MDXX0084     00354 2115     none     3
  U6 FSL2 6-minute Wind profil  default  MDXX0094     00354 2125     none     3

This shows that the profiler decoder is at least updating the routing table.
The next question is whether or not the data files are readable.  To
test this, I did the following from a McIDAS-X session running here at

DATALOC ADD RTPTSRC weather.admin.niu.edu

        Dataset Names of Type: POINT in Group: RTPTSRC

Name         NumPos   Content
------------ ------   --------------------------------------
AIRCRAFT        10    Real-Time Aircraft data
FOUS14          10    Real-Time FOUS14 data
LIGHTNING       10    Real-Time Lightning data
PROF6MIN        10    Real-Time 6-Minute Profiler data
PROFHOURLY      10    Real-Time Hourly Profiler data
PTSRCS         100    All point data in MDXX files
SFCHOURLY       10    Real-Time SFC Hourly
SHIPBUOY        10    Real-Time Ship and Buoy data
SYNOPTIC        10    Real-Time SYNOPTIC data
UPPERMAND       10    Real-Time Upper Air (Mandatory)
UPPERSIG        10    Real-Time Upper Air (Significant)

DSINFO -- done

Pos      Description                        Schema  NRows NCols  Date
------   --------------------------------   ------  ----- ----- -------
     3   Hourly Prof data for 18 Dec 2000   WPRO       48    35 2000353
     4   Hourly Prof data for 19 Dec 2000   WPRO       48    35 2000354
PROFSECT PLTC2 21 24 -60

Erased image and graphic frame  1

The plot looks good, and, given that it spans two days, shows that the
decoded data in the files are correct.

What were you running to see if the data was OK?  If you were trying
to look at the profiler in IL:

WNCI2  74556  39:39:00   90:28:48   170  'Winchester, IL'

I may know what is going on.  Very recently I found a bug in cdftomd and
proftomd that was incorrectly setting the number of stations decoded
in each row of the output MD file.  This bug affects the last stations
put in the file by hour, and I have see it affect WNCI2.  This bug
will be fixed in the next ldm-mcidas upgrade.

Were you trying to access WNCI2 data?

re: U2 and U6 entries

>They are there...just not plotting. And it says "no data", but yet it
>seems to be finding the files. Hmmm.

What exactly were you running?


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