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20001020: GOES-East/West compositing from UW stream imagery (cont.)

>From: Michael Sands <address@hidden>
>Organization:  Moravian College
>Keywords:  200010051237.e95CbA100839 ldm-mcidas PNG compression 


>We are running Solaris 8 on the Sparc architecture.

OK, thanks.

>The problem is that whenever we try to load up one of the composite
>images from McIDAS the image is from Sept 15.
>Here is the printout from ROUTE LIST C:
>     Description              Range       Last      Received  Post Process C
>- -- ------------------------- --------- ------------ ---------- ------------ -
>  CA Cloud Top Pressure        1100-1109 AREA1103     00294 1707 CTP.BAT      3
>  CB Precipitable Water        1110-1119 AREA1111     00294 1730 PW.BAT       3
>  CC Sea Sfc. Temperature      1120-1129 AREA1126     00294 1633 SST.BAT      3
>  CD Lifted Index              1130-1139 AREA1132     00294 1732 LI.BAT       
> 3>  CE CAPE                      1140-1149 AREA1140     00294 1549 CAPE.BAT   
>   3
>  CF Ozone                     1150-1159 AREA1151     00294 1648 OZONE.BAT    3
>s CI GOES-E/W IR Composite       80-89       none        none        none     3
>s CV GOES-E/W VIS Composite      90-99       none        none        none     3
>s CW GOES-E/W H2O Composite      70-79       none        none        none     3
>ROUTE: Done

Something very strange is going on.  If these products are suspended, the
composites should not be made which also implies that we should not be seeing

>I can see that the composites are suspended. If I do a ROUTE REL C it
>releases them but if I do another ROUTE LIST C they still show up

OK, you told me this yesterday.

>The ROUTE.SYS and SYSKEY.TAB are in the folder where we put
>our Mcidas data /mcidasdata/mcidas and they are readable and writable
>by both the ldm and mcidas users. A DMAP command for those two files
>shows that Mcidas is looking at the ones in our /mcidasdata/mcidas
>directory. That's why this problem has been annoying, everything looks
>like it should be working.

Since I am stumpted, can I get a login to your machine as the users
'mcidas' and 'ldm'?  This will help me pinpoint the problem quickly.
I will also need the machine name.


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