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20001020: GOES-East/West compositing from UW stream imagery (cont.)

>From: Michael Sands <address@hidden>
>Organization:  Moravian College
>Keywords:  200010051237.e95CbA100839 ldm-mcidas PNG compression 


>CTP.BAT, OZONE.BAT, CAPE.BAT, LI.BAT, SST.BAT all show up with errors reading 
>the file but the BATs for the GOES images work fine.

The routing table entries for the CIMSS products (CTP, OZONE, CAPE, LI, and
SST) had entries allowing one to run ROUTE PostProcess BATCH files.  These
BATCH files are not provided with the distribution.  If you want to do
PostProcessing on these files, it is your job to create the BATCH files
and put them in the ~mcidas/data directory.  The error indications you
note from ROUTEPP.LOG can be ignored.

>BATCH U5 139 100294 150000 1 "GW-IR.BAT
>NORTMAPR 9017 139 9989 N3 NONE 0 9017 MAPAREA=9970 DEV=NNN
>GOESCOMP 139 NONE 9986 C CI N7 SCRAREA=9981 9984 MAP=YES 9019 9970 DEV=NNN
>batch.k: BATCH done /users/mcidas/data/GW-IR.BAT
>BATCH CC 1126 100294 144500 1 "SST.BAT
>batch.k: Error reading file /users/mcidas/workdata/SST.BAT
>batch.k: BATCH done /users/mcidas/workdata/SST.BAT
>BATCH UI 155 100294 151500 1 "GE-IR.BAT
>NORTMAPR 9016 155 9993 N1 NONE 0 9016 MAPAREA=9970 DEV=NNN
>GOESCOMP NONE 155 9986 C CI N7 SCRAREA=9981 9984 MAP=YES 9019 9970 DEV=NNN
>batch.k: BATCH done /users/mcidas/data/GE-IR.BAT
>BATCH CF 1151 100294 140000 1 "OZONE.BAT
>batch.k: Error reading file /users/mcidas/workdata/OZONE.BAT
>batch.k: BATCH done /users/mcidas/workdata/OZONE.BAT
>That's right from our $MCLOG. Let me know what you think.

This looks normal to me.  It also indicates that the compositing of GOES-East
and GOES-West is being done.  Your original email noted that this was not
being done.  If you are unable to look at the composited images, then
there is some other problem.

What is the result of the following:

<start a McIDAS-X session as 'mcidas'>


(please send in the listing)

>Also I checked, the 
>mcidas binaries are the first in our path and all our other bin directories
>are there.

This would have to be the case given that compositing PostProcessing is
working (the NORTMAPR and GOESCOMP lines from ROUTEPP.LOG indicate this).

>Also we are running Solaris 8 here, not Linux.

Solaris 8 on what platform: SPARC or i86pc?

So, the question is what is not working for you?


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