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20001002: McIDAS-X license request ?

>From: "Tony Wasilewski" <address@hidden>
>Organization: Georgia Tech
>Keywords: 200010021504.e92F4Wb00783 Unidata McIDAS-X


>I've recently started getting the unidata feeds via Jim St John here at
>Georgia Tech.  We are interested in getting the satellite imagery, and
>I believe the next step is getting Mcidas-x running on our node. Please
>let me know how to proceed, or if you need further information from

If all you are interested in is getting the imagery, then you do not need
McIDAS-X to do so.  Even though Georgia Tech is licensed for McIDAS-X
through Unidata, I don't believe that it has been used there for a number
of years.

As far as getting the imagery in the Unidata-Wisconsin datastream, you
are already receiving them.  The following LDM notifyme command verifies

%notifyme -vxl- -f MCIDAS -o 3600 -h louisxiv.eas.gatech.edu
Oct 09 19:08:35 notifyme[6078]: Starting Up: louisxiv.eas.gatech.edu: 
20001009180835.953 TS_ENDT {{MCIDAS,  ".*"}}
        NOTIFYME(louisxiv.eas.gatech.edu) returns OK
Oct 09 19:08:36 notifyme[6078]: NOTIFYME(louisxiv.eas.gatech.edu): OK
Oct 09 19:08:36 notifyme[6078]: 66b6e537fbc78e29d0685568e35a1d2b   139228 
20001009181102.942  MCIDAS 000  pnga2area Q1 U1 193 GOES-9_IMG UNKBAND 20km 
20001009 1500
Oct 09 19:08:36 notifyme[6078]: 4de21c8a24591eb91a34169ae90e167b   129070 
20001009181512.364  MCIDAS 000  pnga2area Q0 CA 1100 GOES-10_SND UNKBAND 14km 
20001009 1700
Oct 09 19:08:36 notifyme[6078]: 3044adcb81575ed2c93eec345574e22a   170704 
20001009181717.733  MCIDAS 000  pnga2area Q1 UB 172 GOES-10_IMG 6.8um 8km 
20001009 1800
Oct 09 19:08:36 notifyme[6078]: 62450abc3c2702ce0b0da2e11c74bb5f  1666999 
20001009181743.697  MCIDAS 000  pnga2area Q1 U9 122 GOES-10_IMG 0.65um 4km 
20001009 1800
Oct 09 19:08:36 notifyme[6078]: a4a85e6b151be2579cbdb935d8dba15f  1041722 
20001009181814.791  MCIDAS 000  pnga2area Q1 U5 132 GOES-10_IMG 10.7um 4km 
20001009 1800
Oct 09 19:08:36 notifyme[6078]: 4cc941d7cdaa5280f768774ceea9abb3    78774 
20001009183112.900  MCIDAS 000  pnga2area Q0 CB 1110 GOES-10_SND UNKBAND 14km 
20001009 1700
Oct 09 19:08:37 notifyme[6078]: 3c4ce6295a6b2a7fe07368c32c76f856   363228 
20001009183226.604  MCIDAS 000  pnga2area Q1 UA 162 GOES-8_IMG 0.65um 1km 
20001009 1815

Also, it looks like you have already downloaded the ldm-mcidas package that
contains the decoder for the imagery in the Unidata-Wisconsin (LDM feed type
MCIDAS) datastream:

Mon Oct  2 08:53:43 2000 20 engine-no9.gtri.gatech.edu 2928103 
/export/dist/ftp/pub/binary/linux_2.2-i686/ldm-mcidas-7.6.4.tar.Z b _ o a 
IEUser@ ftp 0 * c

So, are you looking for instructions on how to setup your LDM to decode
the images?  If so, please review the information under:



If you really do want to get Unidata McIDAS-X, I will be happy to send
you the access information.  Please let me know.

>Tony Wasilewski, Research Engineer II, GTRI

Tom Yoksas

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