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20001004: LDM MCIDAS feed type pqact.conf entry comments/recommendations

>From: "Dan Vietor" <address@hidden>
>Organization: Purdue (via Unisys)
>Keywords: 200010050220.e952Ke113363 ldm-mcidas pqact.conf

Dan, et. al.,

After returning from being on travel for a few days, I saw Dan's message
to the ldm-mcidas email list regarding pqact.conf entries for PNG
compressed Unidata-Wisconsin imagery.  Since pnga2area has some
features that you may not know about or are not taking advantage of, I
decided that I needed to expand a little on Dan's suggested pqact.conf

Dan wrote:

>Here is the section from my pqact.conf file.

># GOES West Visible
>MCIDAS  ^pnga2area Q1 U9
>        PIPE    -close /usr/local/bin/pnga2area 
> /rainbow/ldm/data/mcidas/%y%m%d%H_svw.mca

Let's look at this action and see what might work better.

The object here is to name the file with appropriate date and time
information.  The syntax you are using, however, will name the file
using the date and time that the product was received by the LDM, not
the date and time of the product itself.  If two of the same kind of
image were broadcast in the same hour, only the second would be saved
using this action.

In the past, folks have used the program AreaInfo to extract image
specific information from an AREA file and then rename it (or link to
it, etc.). Since pnga2area can do this directly, I suggest the
following modification to your action:

# GOES West Visible
MCIDAS  ^pnga2area Q1 U9
        PIPE    -close

The only difference is the doubling of the '%' (percent) character.
The LDM uses the C routine 'strftime' and the current date/time
information to fill in fields like '%y'.

If you double the '%', the LDM will do nothing more than strip the
first '%' off of the item and then let the decoder deal with the
field.  pnga2area will then interpret the field, again using
'strftime', using the date information from the image itself.  This
will result in file names that more closely match what you are
attempting to do.

>You don't really need all
>the extra parameters since that is only used in creating a McIDAS style

This is almost true, but I recommend that users also do the following:

If you have McIDAS-X installed on your workstation, and IF it is installed
in /home/mcidas, then the entries above need no modification.

If you do NOT have McIDAS-X installed on your workstation, or if it
is installed in a directory other than /home/mcidas,. then you should
do the following:

o copy the files SATANNOT and SATBAND that are in the ldm-mcidas
  distribution (in the 'etc' directory of the binary distribution; in
  the 'src/decode' directory of the source distribution) to the ~ldm/etc
  directory.  For same of illustration, let's assume that the
  HOME directory for the user running the LDM is /usr/local/ldm;
  this matches your example.

o modify your pqact entry(ies) to include reference to SATANNOT and

# GOES West Visible
MCIDAS  ^pnga2area Q1 U9
        PIPE    -close
        -a /usr/local/ldm/etc/SATANNOT
        -b /usr/local/ldm/etc/SATBAND

  NOTE: As always, please be careful to use tabs for white space in
  pqact.conf entries.  Also, after making any modifications to
  pqact.conf, you should check the file's syntax integrity by running
  'ldmadmin pqactcheck'.

pnga2area can also be used to name the file using information in the
satellite annotation file, SATANNOT, and the satellite band (wavelength
channel) file, SATBAND.  For more information on these features, please
refer to the pnga2area.1 man page that is distributed with ldm-mcidas,
or run pnga2area "by hand" with no options as help will be printed.

The remainder of this message includes Dan's original example pqact.conf
entries.  They should be modified as the one above to take advantage of
pnga2area features.

># GOES West Infrared
>MCIDAS  ^pnga2area Q1 U5
>        PIPE    -close /usr/local/bin/pnga2area 
> /rainbow/ldm/data/mcidas/%y%m%d%H_siw.mca
># GOES East Visible
>MCIDAS  ^pnga2area Q1 UV
>        PIPE    -close /usr/local/bin/pnga2area 
> /rainbow/ldm/data/mcidas/%y%m%d%H_sve.mca
># GOES East Infrared
>MCIDAS  ^pnga2area Q1 UI
>        PIPE    -close /usr/local/bin/pnga2area 
> /rainbow/ldm/data/mcidas/%y%m%d%H_sie.mca
># Floater #1
>MCIDAS  ^pnga2area Q1 UA
>        PIPE    -close /usr/local/bin/pnga2area 
> /rainbow/ldm/data/mcidas/%y%m%d%H_sf1.mca
># Floater #2
>MCIDAS  ^pnga2area Q1 UC
>        PIPE    -close /usr/local/bin/pnga2area 
> /rainbow/ldm/data/mcidas/%y%m%d%H_sf2.mca
># GOES West Water Vapor
>MCIDAS  ^pnga2area Q1 UB
>        PIPE    -close /usr/local/bin/pnga2area 
> /rainbow/ldm/data/mcidas/%y%m%d%H_sww.mca
># GOES East Water Vapor
>MCIDAS  ^pnga2area Q1 UW
>        PIPE    -close /usr/local/bin/pnga2area 
> /rainbow/ldm/data/mcidas/%y%m%d%H_swe.mca
># Global IR
>MCIDAS  ^pnga2area Q1 UX
>        PIPE    -close /usr/local/bin/pnga2area 
> /rainbow/ldm/data/mcidas/%y%m%d%H_sig.mca
># Global Water Vapor
>MCIDAS  ^pnga2area Q1 UY
>        PIPE    -close /usr/local/bin/pnga2area 
> /rainbow/ldm/data/mcidas/%y%m%d%H_swg.mca
># Antarctica
>MCIDAS  ^pnga2area Q1 U1
>        PIPE    -close /usr/local/bin/pnga2area 
> /rainbow/ldm/data/mcidas/%y%m%d%H_san.mca
>Daniel Vietor               Mail: address@hidden
>Unisys Corp                 Title: Engineer/Meteorologist
>221 Gale Lane               Phone: 610-444-2407
>Kennett Square PA 19348     Fax: 610-444-2420

Tom Yoksas

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