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20001004: decoding pnga2area images for use in MCIDAS

>From: David Fitzgerald <address@hidden>
>Organization: Millersville University
>Keywords: 200010041857.e94IvxX01747 ldm-mcidas


Sorry I havn't been able to get to this before now, but I have been in meetings
at NSF.

>The changeover from lwtoa3 to png format went pretty smoothly here as far as
>veiwing the images in GARP is concerned.  However I seem to be having some
>trouble getting the images into McIDAS, strange as that may seem since the
>pnga2area decoder writes out AREA format!  

Right, this is strange.

>I am running McIDAS 7.6.11, and the lines in my pqact.conf file look like this:
>MCIDAS ^pnga2area U. (.*) (.*) (.*) (.*) (.*) (........) (....)
>       PIPE    -close
>       pnga2area -vxl /programs/ldm/logs/pnga2area.log -d /var/data/mcidas -r 
> \1,\2

Are you saying that you use different actions for filing the images for
GARP?  If so, what are the entries you are using there?

>Tabs are  correct.  This entry does not give me any output to the log file
>norany AREA files in /var/data/mcidas.  Can you tell what I am missing?

The entry looks correct (I am taking you at your word that the tabs are
correct).  Is McIDAS installed in /home/mcidas?  If not, you will need
the '-a' and '-b' flags set so that SATANNOT and SATBAND can be found).
Again, what is the entyr(ies) that are working?

>My McIDAS setup is already 
>supposed to be looking in /var/data/mcidas for imagery, and I did
>kill -HUP pqact to 
>re-read the pqact.conf file.

>Do I have to rerun the ROUTE commands in McIDAS?

You do have to have the routing table located in /var/data/mcidas and it
has to be readable and writable by the user running the LDM.  You should
also have a copy of SYSKEY.TAB located in /var/data/mcidas.  I saw another
site have a problem when they did not have SYSKEY.TAB located in the
output data directory.  One was created on behalf of the user, but it
did not have the correct information written into it.  What I had the
user do was:

o stop the LDM
o copy ~mcidas/data/SYSKEY.TAB to the output data directory
o ftp the CIMSS.BAT file from the pub/mcidas directory of anonymous FTP
  on ftp.undiata.ucar.edu to the ~mcidas/workdata directory
o run 'batch.k CIMSS.BAT' after making sure that the McIDAS account
  had a REDIRECTion that pointed to the copy of ROUTE.SYS in the
  output data directory
o restart the LDM

See if the size of SYSKEY.TAB in ~mcidas/data matches the size of SYSKEY.TAB
in /var/data/mcidas.  Also make sure that both SYSKEY.TAB and ROUTE.SYS
are readable and writable by the user running the LDM.  Let me know the
results of the test.

>Thanks for your help!

I have to go back to a meeting now.  I will try to jump back on during a


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