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20000926: upgrading to the ldm-mcidas pnga2area decoder (cont.)

>From: Erick Lorenz <address@hidden>
>Organization: UC Davis
>Keywords: 200009220039.e8M0dBb07890 McIDAS-X 7.60 Linux


re: wait until rpc.ldmd exits before restarting LDM

>I was puzzled by this change in behavior because just yesterday we were
>stopping and restarting ldm repeatedly.

Yes, I know.

>After I disabled init.d/ldm there were no ldm processes.  I just did it so
>that I would know where the startup was coming from.


>But now when I do "ldmadmin start" I still get the two problems (1) no data
>and (2) the stop does not complete.  I have waited for up to 30 minutes and
>there is no change.

I will take a quick look.  See below.

re: clock being off
>I have reset the clock manually to match a campus system very closely but
>there still is no data showing in "watch".


>I am also puzzled by your changes in ldmd.conf.
>#request WMO ".*" uni0.unidata.ucar.edu
>#request (MCIDAS|DDPLUS|IDS|HRS) ".*" norte.sfsu.edu
>#request (MCIDAS|DDPLUS|IDS|HRS) ".*" typhoon.atmos.ucla.edu
>request WMO|FSL2        ".*"    typhoon.atmos.ucla.edu
>request MCIDAS  "^pnga2area Q[01]"      typhoon.atmos.ucla.edu
>#request        NLDN    ".*"    striker.atmos.albany.edu
>I don't see how I am getting ddplus,ids,hrs data anymore.

WMO is a mnemonic for the combination of DDPLUS, IDS, and HRS.  UNIDATA
is the mnemonic for the combination of WMO and MCIDAS.  So, the
following sets of lines are equivalent:

request WMO|FSL2        ".*"    typhoon.atmos.ucla.edu
request DDPLUS|IDS|HRS|FSL2        ".*"    typhoon.atmos.ucla.edu

request UNIDATA        ".*"    typhoon.atmos.ucla.edu
request DDPLUS|IDS|HRS|MCIDAS        ".*"    typhoon.atmos.ucla.edu

>It doesn't seem to make sense but the old request 
>was providing us with all of those WMO entries in pqact.conf.

The new request was also providing you data.  Why things are not working
after the FSL2 request was made is still a mystery to me.

>In fact, on
>ATM23 the only request was for DDPLUS because it was dedicated to creating
>a DB of text reports.  I added the MCIDAS, IDS, and HRS to match the need
>for area and xcd stuff.

There is nothing wrong with the WMO|FSL2 request per se.  There may be
a problem in requesting FSL2 data from UCLA, however.  I just removed
this to create the following action:

request WMO       ".*"    typhoon.atmos.ucla.edu

I then stopped and restarted the LDM.  I now see products flowing into
atm20 and they are being decoded.  Given this, I changed the ldmd.conf
entries for your failovers.  I also commented out the request for NLDN
data.  After you make the email request to SUNY Albany as I indicated
earlier today, you can edit those files and uncomment the 'request NLDN'

I also increased your LDM queue size from 100 MB to 200 MB.  This was
necessary since you are requesting ALL data from your feeders.  At some
point, it would have been likely that you would overflow your queue
and start losing products.  The 200 MB queue should keep you (for awhile).




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