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20000925: MCIDAS over idd (cont.)

>From: Mike Trexler <address@hidden>
>Organization: NCSU
>Keywords: 200009250008.e8P084b11689 ldm-mcidas


>Thanks again for all your help!
>I've done as instructed, but can't get it write the products to disk.
>The lod file looks like this...
>ep 26 00:16:44 pnga2area[24842]: Starting Up
>Sep 26 00:16:44 pnga2area[24842]: output file pathname: /newdata/images/sat/GO
> ES-10/8km/WV/WV_20000926_0000
>Sep 26 00:16:44 pnga2area[24842]: Can't open file /newdata/images/sat/GOES-10/
> 8km/WV/WV_20000926_0000

This looks like the user running the LDM doesn't have write permission
for the output directory (or for /newdata).

>The pathnames are correct, so I'm a little confused.  Any ideas?

Check the permissions on the directories and see if you, as 'ldm', can
create the following file:

touch /newdata/xxx
touch /newdata/images/xxx
touch /newdata/images/sat/xxx


>From address@hidden Tue Sep 26 13:37:46 2000
>Subject: Re: 20000925: MCIDAS over idd (cont.) 

Thanks, Tom.  Stupid me recreated the directories as root.  Anyway,
it works now!  Thanks for all you help.


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