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20000921: LWTOA3 image data missing from Unidata-Wisconsin datastream (cont.)

>From: Thomas Don Aratari <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Michigan
>Keywords: 200009210254.e8L2sbb18779 Unidata-Wisconsin ldm-mcidas pnga2area P


>Ok thanks, I'm recieveing the data again, but I am not sure what to do
>about the file naming convetion.. I'm using the xsat program in the wxp
>package.. here's the part from the script that I'm talking about:
>cd $satdir
>#  GOES8
>foreach file ( `ls -1t AREA015? | head -1` )
>  set ir_date=`date -u +%y%m%d%H`
>echo $ir_date
>  mv -f $file ${ir_date}.sir
>#### Find the VIS AREA file ####
>foreach file ( `ls -1t AREA014? | head -1` )
>  set vis_date=`date -u +%y%m%d%H`
>  mv -f $file ${vis_date}.svi

This code snippit shows that the a change in the number of files being
saved from 4 to 10 should make no difference.  The 'ls -lt' gives a
time sorted list of the files and the 'head -1' takes the one off of
the top of the list (the most recent).  This will result in the same
image regardless of the number of the images you are keeping (1 to 10
anyway; after that the naming convention changes).

>Before, I was using lwtoa3 to decode the old McIDAS into my /data/mcidas
>then from there ran this script to make the IR and Visisble gif's. 

These should still work.

>I notice that all the files coming in are in the format AREA1###, none of
>the type AREA0###. Any ideas?

The AREA1### files are the CIMSS products.  These have headers that contain
the 'Q0' time indicator.  The "regular" GOES images contain the 'Q1'
time indicator.  If you are not interested in the CIMSS products, then
you could change your pqact.conf action so they don't get processed:

MCIDAS  ^pnga2area Q1 ...

(the '...' means keep the other stuff you were already using)

Your comment about you getting only the Q0 images doesn't sound right
to me.  What is the name of your LDM host?

A notifyme to onesky.engin.umich.edu shows that it is getting both
types of images:

notifyme -vxl- -f MCIDAS -o 3600 -h onesky.engin.umich.edu
Sep 21 22:00:50 notifyme[22115]: Starting Up: onesky.engin.umich.edu: 
20000921210050.247 TS_ENDT {{MCIDAS,  ".*"}}
        NOTIFYME(onesky.engin.umich.edu) returns OK
Sep 21 22:00:54 notifyme[22115]: NOTIFYME(onesky.engin.umich.edu): OK
Sep 21 22:00:54 notifyme[22115]: d6ceaabbd7c8568d384dd79b3490a3ed     9782 
20000921210606.778  MCIDAS 000  pnga2area Q1 U3 202 GRAPHICS UNKBAND 5km 
20000921 2059
Sep 21 22:00:54 notifyme[22115]: 1db66532d041a451784b92074061fadf   133016 
20000921211028.991  MCIDAS 000  pnga2area Q1 U1 192 GOES-9_IMG UNKBAND 20km 
20000921 1800
Sep 21 22:00:55 notifyme[22115]: d87536de1c13ddd7039e32ac610ef78c    87565 
20000921211511.793  MCIDAS 000  pnga2area Q0 CA 1100 GOES-10_SND UNKBAND 14km 
20000921 2000
Sep 21 22:00:55 notifyme[22115]: 65d4a9ba0a4da18a20433b84b018e2c9   160135 
20000921211634.061  MCIDAS 000  pnga2area Q1 UB 173 GOES-10_IMG 6.8um 8km 
20000921 2100
Sep 21 22:00:55 notifyme[22115]: 0d6764fb1aaf4bee024009a5456f178b   989282 
20000921211720.883  MCIDAS 000  pnga2area Q1 U5 131 GOES-10_IMG 10.7um 4km 
20000921 2100
Sep 21 22:00:55 notifyme[22115]: b2f14025c753b36b0d1f1a9a26dcb263  1693926 
20000921211712.645  MCIDAS 000  pnga2area Q1 U9 121 GOES-10_IMG 0.65um 4km 
20000921 2100
Sep 21 22:00:56 notifyme[22115]: e85ff8028d9232a37e6bfee3418c0c80    60430 
20000921211809.942  MCIDAS 000  pnga2area Q0 CD 1130 GOES-10_SND UNKBAND 14km 
20000921 2000
Sep 21 22:00:56 notifyme[22115]: 266e0e79acf863cd9ec780d582541f2f    60858 
20000921213109.253  MCIDAS 000  pnga2area Q0 CB 1110 GOES-10_SND UNKBAND 14km 
20000921 2000


If this is your machine, then you are getting both kinds of images.  If
this is not your machine, then please tell me its name so I can check
its reception with notifyme (you can too, of course).

>Sorry if I sound sensless.. I dont know the weather stuff to well :) 

No problem.


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