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20000913: broadcast cessation 20000915 and LDM upgrade

>From: Wayne Gibson <address@hidden>
>Organization: Oregon State University
>Keywords: 200009112348.e8BNm5b26728 Unidata-Wisconsin image MCIDAS LWTOA3 


>During the transition phase of delta to png compression, we were able
>to bring up the new pnga2area decoder as a replacement for lwtoa3.

I remembered that you were well on your way toward this, but I don't believe
I ever knew that your transition was complete.  I am glad to hear it is so!

>addition, we replaced all "wxp" derived satellite products with
>"mcidas" equivalents.  So we are now operational with png compression
>and mcidas software.  Unfortunately, we are using an older version of
>mcidas right now but plan to upgrade.


>And speaking of upgrade, is our only option for upgrading ldm to the
>newest version for SUNOS 5.5.1 a compilation from source?

Unfortunately, yes.  We do not have a Solaris 5.5x system accessible
to test on, otherwise would would make a binary distribution for this
platform available.  Sorry.

>It appeared
>as though there was no binary version available.  Our college sys
>administrator wants to do a clean install from scratch for the newest
>OS verses an upgrade.

Since Solaris is now at 2.8, and since there have been a LOT of bug
fixes and security patches for Solaris since 5.5.1, this is a wise

>Having done this in the past, restoring
>pertinent configuration files and locally installed software can take
>some time.  What is your opinion on running the newest version of ldm
>on SUNOS 5.5.1 verses the newest version of the OS?

I think that you would not run into problems building the latest LDM
on 5.5.1, but I can't guarantee this (sorry that this comment sounds

>Thanks for your help,

You are welcome.


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