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20000912: MCIDAS: Re-installation Help

>From: Michael Keables <address@hidden>
>Organization: Geography Dept, University of Denver
>Keywords: 200009121648.e8CGmYb24740 ldm-mcidas PNG compressed images pnga2area


>I've had to re-install the LDM and McIDAS (long story .... hacker
>attempts to violate the security on my machines (unsuccessful) and
>others has resulted in the administration requiring me to reload the OS
>as well as other software.

Major bummer!

>And of course it happens right before the
>quarter gets underway.)

Yea, it is incredible how this kind of stuff happens right at the worst
possible time.

>I was able to backup the McIDAS configuration,
>but I'm having problems getting back online.


>Here's what's happening:
>1. I've installed the newest version of LDM and have it up and running,
>but there is no output going to the logs.

OK, this probably means that the needed /etc/syslog.conf entries havn't been
made; have been made incorrectly; or that syslogd is not running.

>2. I've installed the latest version of McIDAS 7.6 and McIDAS-LDM, but
>the data don't seem to be decoding properly.

This is going to be hard to diagnose without error logging.

>I can see the latest NLDN
>products in the Routing table, but no other data products are showing
>up (ldmadmin watch shows that the data are being received.)


>I've been working on this for about a week now and have hit a wall.
>Would you take a look at my setup and see if you can tell me where I've
>gone wrong?

OK.  I tried logging on, but 'telnet's are refused:

telnet cyclone.natnet.du.edu
telnet: connect: Connection refused

In the future, it would be best to give me a login as 'mcidas' and then
tell me the root password over the phone.

>Mega-thanks in advance.

As soon as I am able to login, I will try to get LDM logging working
and see why images are not being decoded.


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