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20000911: Removal of delta-encoded images from UW data stream

>From: address@hidden (Chris Hennon)
>Organization: Ohio State
>Keywords: 200009111601.e8BG1gb11030 ldm-mcidas


>I have the decoder installed and working for all of the CIMSS sounding


>- but I'm a bit confused on the pqact.conf entry for regular
>Unidata/Wisconsin GOES imagery.  Could you clarify?

The entry of the regular images are virtually identical to those for
the CIMSS images.  The _big_ difference in the image header between the
CIMSS images and the regular ones is the time indicator.  For the CIMSS
images it is 'Q0'; for the regular images it is 'Q1'.

Can you give me a specific example of what is holding up your conversion
to use of the Q1 images?  Since you were already using the delta-encoded
images, it would probably be best if you sent me your pqact.conf entry
for LWTOA3 decoding.  We can take this as an example of what you want
to do and modify it for use with pnga2area.

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Tom Yoksas

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