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20000905: ldm-mcidas make problems on AIX 4.2 (cont.)

>From: address@hidden
>Organization: SMSU
>Keywords: 200008311512.e7VFCkN01871 ldm-mcidas Unidata-Wisconsin pnga2area


>OK, here's the status - - all good (maybe).

The holy grail :-)

>1. Once I set the CXX environment to null, the netcdf stuff made all
>  right.


>2. Then the ldm-mcidas-7.6 stuff was able to make 

Very good.

>Some questions about your e-mail though (pardon me for not quoting
>1. You say to (in ldmd.conf) 'request MCIDAS "pnga2area ![01] feed-site 
>(screwed the Q)....
>Since we already 'request MCIDAS ".*   is the modification to ldmd.conf

Here is the rationale behind this recommendation:

o first, requesting only the files taged as PNG compressed will cut out
  the delta encoded images being sent to your machine.  This helps sites
  that have limited/impacted bandwidth.

o second, we are planning on adding images on the half hour and tagging
  them as Q3.  Those sites just barely handling what is there now,
  will have to do nothing when the new images are added.  Sites with
  lots of bandwidth and disk space will simply have to change their
  request line from:

  request MCIDAS "^pnga2area Q[01]" ...


  request MCIDAS "^pnga2area Q." ...

  The "little" guys get hurt the least.
>2.  In 'make install' ldm-mcidas-7.6, then go to class....when I come 
>back the large-format satellite images (VIS and IR), automatically
>generated with post process batch stuff are once again small-format with
>default titles.  I note that there is a new lwtoa3 decoder in .../bin.

This is totally unexpected UNLESS you are using the batch.k Bourne
shell script that comes with 7.6.4.  Since batch.k is something that
has to be edited by sites to be customized, I have always recommended
that batch.k be copied to a directory in 'ldm's PATH so that it won't
get overwritten by the new one in the ldm-mcidas distribution.

>3. Do I really want to comment out all references to lwtoa3 from my

Why not?  As soon as you have the PNG uncompression working (use of
pnga2area), you won't need them anymore.  As of a week from Friday, you
_really_ won't need them since I am turning off the broadcast of
delta-encoded images (ones decoded with lwtoa3) for good.

>4. Now I put the pnga2area entry for Mcidas in my pqact.conf, check it
>and find out I'm missing a tab, restart, comment out lwtoa3, restart,
>and we've been 20 minutes without any data, on the whole front of the

No, but this is something you can check by use of the LDM 'notifyme'

<login as 'ldm'>
notifyme -vxl - -f MCIDAS -o 3600

If you did not change your 'request MCIDAS' line in ldmd.conf and
restart the LDM, you should see both delta encoded images (LWTOA3 tag)
and png2area encoded images (pnga2area tag).  If you see one or the
other than your request line is incorrect, OR your upstream feed site
is not sending both formats.  If the latter is the case, you need to
contact the administrator at the site and give him/her a heads-up.


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