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20000824: Strange ROUTE entries after sounder data (cont.)

>From: Thomas Mote <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Georgia
>Keywords: 200008241414.e7OEEjN11917 ldm-mcidas ROUTE.SYS BATCH McIDAS


I just logged back on and see that the routing table is still intact
(not getting munged anymore), but the PostProcessing is not creating
composites.  Since I can't look at 'ldm's setup:

address@hidden ~/workdata]$ ls -alt /usr/local
total 48
drwx------   24 ldm      apps         4096 Aug 23 22:38 ldm

(no read/write permission for group) I can determine what may be wrong.

The contents of ~mcidas/workdata/ROUTEPP.LOG makes it look as if the
PostProcesses should work:

BATCH CF 1150 100237 170000 1 "OZONE.BAT
BATCH U3 200 100237 185900 1 "MDR.BAT
BATCH CA 1101 100237 180000 1 "CTP.BAT
BATCH UB 171 100237 190000 1 "GW-WV.BAT
BATCH U9 121 100237 190000 1 "GW-VIS.BAT
BATCH U5 131 100237 190000 1 "GW-IR.BAT
BATCH UX 100 100237 180000 1 "MOLL.BAT
BATCH UW 211 100237 191500 1 "GE-WV.BAT
BATCH UI 151 100237 191500 1 "GE-IR.BAT
BATCH UV 141 100237 191500 1 "GE-VIS.BAT

but this is only the echo of the BATCH command line up near the top
of the Bourne shell script version of batch.k.  I suspect that the
PATH in batch.k may be wrong?


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