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20000823: use of ldm-mcidas for imagery (cont.)

>From: "Pandya, Rajul E." <address@hidden>
>Organization: West Chester University
>Keywords: 200008221228.e7MCSSN28075 ldm-mcidas Unidata-Wisconsin


>Thanks for the suggestion.  I tried changing my ldmd.conf file from 
>request UNIDATA ".*" navierldm.meteo.psu.edu
>request WMO ".*" navierldm.meteo.psu.edu
>request MCIDAS "^pnga2area Q." navierldm.meteo.psu.edu

Hmm...  Another site feeding from Penn State is using:

request MCIDAS "^pnga2area Q[01]" navier.meteo.psu.edu

Did Penn State change the name of their machine?

A 'nslookup' on navier.meteo.psu.edu gives the expected results:

Non-authoritative answer:
Name:    navier.meteo.psu.edu

but the same on navierldm.meteo.psu.edu hangs.

>and did ldmadmin stop then start. I let it run for about half an hour and
>got WMO data, but no satellite data. I switched it back and got satellite
>data right away. Did I do something wrong?

Your request line looks fine except for the specification of navierldm.meteo...

>My pqact file is all pnga2area commands.

OK.  The entries in pqact.conf are just for processing products out of
the LDM's queue.  They really don't have anything to do with the ldmd.conf
request entries.

What happens when you change to use of navier.meteo.psu.edu in your request


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