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20000822: use of ldm-mcidas for imagery (cont.)

>From: "Pandya, Rajul E." <address@hidden>
>Organization: UCARWest Chester University
>Keywords: 200008221228.e7MCSSN28075 ldm-mcidas Unidata-Wisconsin


>Thanks for the help. You were correct, for now at least I didn't really want
>to install McIDAS; I was just planning to look at Sat imagery in GARP at
>least until later in the year when I had more time to install McIDAS.

OK. Sounds good.

>Anyway, I looked at the email list for ldm-gempak and found a message you
>wrote to Columbia, Missouri about the exact same thing. I followed the steps
>you suggested and it works great; I was just looking at GOES-10 Water Vapor.

Just to make sure, hopefully, you are using the pnga2area decoder for
the PNG compressed imagery and not lwtoa2 for the old format products.
If not, please switch to use of pnga2area.

If you are using pnga2area, you might consider changing your ldm.conf
request line for MCIDAS to request just the PNG compressed images:

request MCIDAS "^pnga2area Q." your_upstream_feed_site

This will cut to less than half the volume of Unidata-Wisconsin image data
hitting your machine.

If you make this change, remember that you have to stop and restart your
LDM for the change to take affect:

ldmadmin stop
<wait until all LDM processes have exited cleanly>
ldmadmin start

>Anyway, thanks for answering my questions this morning and setting me along
>a very fruitful search. I really am impressed with UNIDATA in general; the
>web resources are excellent and when I needed more help I got prompt and
>patient help. 

You are welcome, and thanks for the nice words.


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