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20000822: use of ldm-mcidas for imagery

>From: "Pandya, Rajul E." <address@hidden>
>Organization: UCARWest Chester University
>Keywords: 200008221228.e7MCSSN28075 ldm-mcidas Unidata-Wisconsin


>I would like to install McIDASX on a PC running Solaris x86 2.7. I have LDM
>and GEMPAK running, so I wanted to start getting satellite data. 
>I do have two questions, though 
>1. I'd like to get radar data as well, but I think that all radar products
>require subscription - is that correct?

Currently, the NIDS and NOWrad (tm) radar products require a subscription
to WSI Corporation.  The NIDS products will become freely available in
the December timeframe.  The NOWrad products are, however, created ty
WSI, so they will continue to require a subscription.

>If I get a subscription from WSI,
>though, I can use the FILE command directly in the pqact.conf if I want this
>data available for GEMPAK. Is that correct?

Yes, you can FILE the products directly.

>2. Can I view satellite images in GEMPAK without installing McIDAS?


>The way
>it looks to me from the webpage, I need to install McIDAS in order to run
>McIDASX-LDM scripts to get the satellite data from the IDD. Do I have that

No, you only have to have McIDAS-X installed if you need to build the
ldm-mcidas suite of decoders.  If you can use one of the binary distributions
that we make available, then you do not need to install McIDAS-X.

>Thanks for all your help,

Since I perceive that you really don't want to install McIDAS-X, and since
it is most likely that you will be able to use one of our binary ldm-mcidas
distributions to decode imagery from the Unidata-Wisconsin (MCIDAS feed
type) datastream, I will hold off on sending you the McIDAS-X access
information for now.

Tom Yoksas

>From address@hidden Tue Aug 22 14:34:15 2000
>Subject: RE: 20000822: use of ldm-mcidas for imagery

Hi Tom, 

Thanks for the help. You were correct, for now at least I didn't really want
to install McIDAS; I was just planning to look at Sat imagery in GARP at
least until later in the year when I had more time to install McIDAS.
Anyway, I looked at the email list for ldm-gempak and found a message you
wrote to Columbia, Missouri about the exact same thing. I followed the steps
you suggested and it works great; I was just looking at GOES-10 Water Vapor.

Anyway, thanks for answering my questions this morning and setting me along
a very fruitful search. I really am impressed with UNIDATA in general; the
web resources are excellent and when I needed more help I got prompt and
patient help. 


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