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20000808: ldm and disk overflow at stc (cont.)

>From: alan anderson <address@hidden>
>Organization: St. Cloud State
>Keywords: 200008041916.e74JG1T26054 LDM disk usage


>I looked at our ldm/ingest terminal this morning and disk usage is 
>way down, as expected, since I left the ldm turned off as of Fri.


>I should have noted earlier that I did look at the ldm queue file, 
>and its size seemed consistent with earlier times.

I didn't expect the queue to explode in size.  I "feel" like the problem
is something like a file that is being written to is getting deleted.
If the file descriptor is open, then the file doesn't actually get deleted
even though it no longer shows up in an 'ls' listing.

>I have included the ldmd.conf and the working part of our pqact.conf
>files (all of the active lines of pqact.conf) below.

OK.  I logged onto waldo and started to snoop.  The most glaring thing
I found was that your system clock was off by 6 hours.  I seem to recall
that you have had several problems related to the clock being off on your

While on waldo, I took the opportunity to:

o upgrade your ldm-mcidas installation to 7.6.4 (the latest release)

o change your pqact.conf entry for decoding Unidata-Wisconsin
  datastream images from use of lwtoa3 to use of the new pnga2area.
  Note that this does NOT affect ROUTE PostProcess BATCH invocations,
  so waldo will continue to create GOES East-West composites and
  VIS and IR image-topography composites.

o the change to pnga2area will also start the decode of the CIMSS
  products that were added to the UW stream at the end of June

As 'mcidas', I:

o FTPed the file pub/mcidas/CIMSS.BAT to the ~mcidas/workdata directory

o from the ~mcidas/workdata directory, I updated your routing table
  to handle the CIMSS products:

  batch.k CIMSS.BAT

A quick check of the ldmd.log file shows that pnga2area is working

>I will be out again the rest of today, but will check in tonight
>or tomorrow.  Thanks

OK.  In addition to needing to upgrade your LDM eventually, you will
also need to upgrade your McIDAS-X distribution (I think I see that
you are running Version 7.5?).  It would be best to wait to do this
until after I release 7.7 (sometime soon I hope).

I will keep an eye on waldo's disk usage periodically throughout the
day today.  If I see the disk space evaporate, I will see if I can
discern what is going on and let you know.


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