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20000803: Unidata-Wisconsin datastream image compression change (cont.)

>From: "C. Vandersip" <address@hidden>
>Organization: FSU
>Keywords: 200008040243.e742hDT27381 ldm-mcidas pnga2area


>I was wondering how important the fix for pnga2area is in ldm-mcidas

Not very.  The problem was that I was doing a udebug call before system
logging had been setup.  This has the effect of sending the debug message
to the system log file instead of the file specified by the '-l' flag
or the LDM log file which is the default after system logging is setup.

>From the release notes:
>7.6.4   2000-07-21
>        Corrected problem in pnga2area: udebug was being called before
>        system logging was setup.
>What effect does this bug have for users of 7.6.3

You may see pnga2area debug messages in syslogd's log file.

>BTW, I've "transitioned"!  All seems to be working smoothly. :)

Sounds good.  By the way, the "upgrade" to the latest pnga2area should be
as simple as you FTPing the appropriate binar distribution; unpacking
just pnga2area, and using it instead of the 7.6.3 version.




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