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20000731: setup for decoding PNG compressed imagery at UVa

>From: "Jennie L. Moody" <address@hidden>
>Organization: UVa
>Keywords: 200007312129.e6VLT0T16061 ldm-mcidas pnga2area pqact.conf


>i'll just say thanks, i don't even know what your doing,
>but presume it might be fixing things for the new png 

Right.  I figured that you had more important things to worry about.

Just to update you, I did the following:

<as ldma>

o FTPed the latest ldm-mcidas binary distribution for Solaris SPARC 5.6
  (what windfall is running)

o unpacked it in the ~ldma/ldm-mcidas directory

o changed the runtime link to point bin at ldm-mcidas-7.6.4/bin

o edited ~ldma/etc/pqact.conf:

  o commented out old ldm-mcidas entries that are not needed (LWFILE,
  o commented out the entry for decoding of LWTOA3 (delta encoded)
  o added an entry for decoding of new PNG compressed non-CIMSS images
  o added an entry for decoding of CIMSS PNG compressed products

    NOTE: since you are using McIDAS routing table concepts for naming
    decoded imagery, you could get away with a single pqact.conf
    entry for decoding of PNG compressed imagery.

  o changed the ~ldma/etc/ldmd.conf request for data from navier;
    now MCIDAS data products are requested separately and the
    regular expression that requests the images is specific to
    headers that begin 'pnga2area'; this will keep down the amount
    of data hitting windfall (by reducing redundancy)
  o stopped and restarted the LDM
  o monitored the LDM ingestion/decoding of images to make sure that
    things are working

  o changed the ldmd.conf entries for your primary and failover feed

    ldmd.blueskies.sprl.umich.edu      (this was still pointing to navier)
<as mcidas>

cd uvaworkdata
ftp ftp.unidata.ucar.edu
  cd pub/mcidas
dmap.k ROUTE.SYS
batch.k CIMSS.BAT             (add routing entries for CIMSS products, one
                               of which is an ozone product)
route.k SUS RM RS UM MA US    (not needed; not wanted)

What I really need is for someone there to take a quick look to see
if your ROUTE PP BATCH created products are working.  I think that
they should be, but it is always nice to know...

>i have read about this and hoped tony
>would work on it (sent him a reminder about it), but maybe
>he asked for help.

I havn't heard from Tony since July 8 (he was trying to get
RedHat 6.2 Linux installed on your laptop.  I never did hear if
he was successful.


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