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20000706: TOPO/Composite creation by ROUTE PostProcess BATCH invocations

>From: "James D. Marco" <address@hidden>
>Organization: Cornell
>Keywords: 200007062021.e66KLJT26042 McIDAS-X ROUTE PP BATCH


>       I seem to have a bit of a problem with the TOPO/COMPOSITE
>files, Fronts and Weather Watches.  

Hmm... this could be two different problems, not one.

>       I've gone through the McIDAS, LDM-McIDAS and LDM configurations
>a three times since I updated to McIDAS installation...no luck.

From this comment, I am assuming that things stopped working after
you did downloaded the full McIDAS-X version and compiled it.
the TOPO compositing failure, however, would more likely be
related to the ldm-mcidas update.

>       The LDM and McIDAS were getting this OK, before the update.

The topo compositing problem might be that your setup uses the
ldm-mcidas decoders "in place".  What I mean by this is that you don't
copy the decoders to a different directory, link ~ldm/decoders (or
~ldm/util).  If you do use them in place, then the Bourne shell script
file, batch.k, that is distributed with ldm-mcidas, is now the one
being used, and it is most likely not configured to run in your

If this is not the case, we have to look at the viability of the
routines that are involved in the compositing process:  AA, MA, REMAP,

>       Kind'o stymied. In the case of the TopoComposites, it appears that 
>they are not being built.

What do the entries in your routing log file look like?  This would be
the file defined by MCLOG in the Bourne shell script batch.k.  The copy
of batch.k that is being used for the PostProcessing is the one that
will be found by a 'which batch.k' when logged in as the user running
your LDM.

>In the case of the ASUSxxx files, they are 
>available(LDM is working), but nothing I do seems to get McIDAS to look at

So, you are using FRONT to display the fronts?  What routines are being
run that are failing.  The reason I ask is that we have been moving away
from the user of FRONT (which is not an ADDE routine) and moving to
use of FRNTDISP (which _is_ and ADDE routine.  FRNTDISP does not read
the ASUS/FSUS files at all.  It does, however, need to access the
RTWXTEXT dataset.  This is the same dataset that is needed for access
of the weather watches, so I am suspicious about the decoding of these.

What is the name of the machine running your ADDE server, and are you
running the ADDE remote server (so I can take a look from here)?

>                                       Any thoughts?

I am suspicious that the XCD decoding of the data for RTWXTEXT is not
working correctly.  This would account for fronts not being drawn
by FRNTDISP and no weather watch boxes.  The failure of the topo
compositing, however, would most likely be related to ldm-mcidas things.
Let's take these problems on individually.

>                                               Thanks!


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