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20000627: ldm-mcidas use of SATANNOT and SATBAND (final notice)

>From: weather <address@hidden>
>Organization: NMSU/NSBF
>Keywords: 200006272357.e5RNvDT22012 ldm-mcidas SATANNOT SATBAND


>In the ldm-mcidas-7.6.3/etc dir there are two files SATBAND and SATTANOT.
>What do I need to do with these? 

These files are used by the PNG AREA file compressor, area2png, and
uncompressor, pnga2area.  These are the same files included in the data
directory of the McIDAS-X distribution.  SATANNOT is used for satellite
annotation information: translating the satellite number in an AREA
file header to a descriptive string (like 72 -> GOES-9_IMG.  SATBAND is
used to provide information on the bands of described satellites.  It
gives us the base resolution of the images and other things.

The way this is used can be seen from either the man page for pnga2area
or by running pnga2area with no command line options.  I added access
to these files information and support for strftime like constructs for
image hour, month, year, etc., for GEMPAK users (GARP and NMAP need
data stored in a directory heirarchy where directory names become GUI
buttons) and for McIDAS-X 7.7 users (where the need to store images in
files named AREAnnnn is gone; point source data in MDXXnnnn files, and
gridded data in GRIDnnnn files is history).

ldm-mcidas-pqact.conf give some examples of how you might construct
your pqact entries to take advantage of this.


I am cutting new binary distributions of ldm-mcidas right now.  It
seems that the example routing table entries I have listed in
ldm-mcidas-pqact.conf use CB as a product codes for Precipitable Water,
Sea Surface Temperature, Lifted Index, CAPE, and Ozone.  This was
caused by dupping a line and not changing everything in the copy.  The
information should read:

# Unidata-recommended McIDAS-X commands that setup routing table (ROUTE.SYS)
# entries for CIMSS products:
#            +------------------------  product code; match DIALPROD entry above
#            |   +--------------------  product type (AREA|GRID|MD|TEXT)
#            |   |    +---------------  beginning AREA number
#            |   |    |    +----------  ending AREA number
#            |   |    |    |         +--  SYSKEY.TAB entries lwtoa3 will update
#            |   |    |    |         | +  label
#            |   |    |    |         |  \_______________
#            V   V    V    V         V                  \
#  ROUTE ADD CA AREA 1100 1109 CC=3 SYS=2119 2120 2121 "Cloud Top Pressure
#  ROUTE ADD CB AREA 1110 1119 CC=3 SYS=2110 2111 2112 "Precipitable Water
#  ROUTE ADD CC AREA 1120 1129 CC=3 SYS=2113 2114 2115 "Sea Surface Temperature
#  ROUTE ADD CD AREA 1130 1139 CC=3 SYS=2116 2117 2118 "Lifted Index
#  ROUTE ADD CE AREA 1140 1149 CC=3 SYS=2101 2102 2103 "CAPE
#  ROUTE ADD CF AREA 1150 1159 CC=3 SYS=2104 2105 2106 "Ozone

The McIDAS BATCH file I put in the pub/ldm-mcidas directory, CIMSS.BAT,
however, has correct routing table entries.


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