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20000322: duplicate McIDAS Mollweide images (cont.)

>From: Mike Leuthold <address@hidden>
>Organization: University of Arizona
>Keywords: 200003221639.JAA04528 ldm-mcidas Mollweide lwtoa3 duplicate broken 
>pipe LA


re: If you find anything out with respect to the early exiting of lwtoa3,

>This is what I've found.  Only the mollweide images do this.  I grabbed a
>couple of raw mollweide files from Washington and pqinsert(ed) them and
>the same error occured.

OK, this makes it sound like the error is in the LDM somewhere.

>I then tried using lwtoa3 on a raw file.

On one of the raw files that you pqinserted?  This would be the acid test.

>problem.  I then fired up my old script that wrote the raw mcidas area
>data into a file, then ran lwtoa3 on the file. That worked fine too.

I would expect that.  The FILE action in pqact.conf has never had any

>not much to say actually!

Actually, this seems to say that the problem is LDM related and not
lwtoa3 related.  The weird thing is that the problem only happens for
Mollweide images!

>I just notice that I'm running ldm 5.0.8 and
>will update to .9 and see what happens.

This won't change anything, so don't do the upgrade just for this problem.


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