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20000114: NLDN decoding in MCIDAS

>From: Michael Voss <address@hidden>
>Organization: SJSU
>Keywords: 200001142253.PAA22684 ldm-mcidas NLDN


>I get the following error in my ldmd.log file:
><bigger>Jan 14 19:22:18 vortex.sjsu.edu nldn2md[3806]: Starting Up
>Jan 14 19:22:18 vortex.sjsu.edu nldn2md[3806]: changing to directory /data3/xcd
>Jan 14 19:22:18 vortex.sjsu.edu nldn2md[3806]: NLDN2MD -- BEGIN
>Jan 14 19:22:18 vortex.sjsu.edu nldn2md[3806]: nldninput(): Product header 
>record found
>Jan 14 19:22:18 vortex.sjsu.edu nldn2md[3806]: SCHEMA MISMATCH
>Jan 14 19:22:18 vortex.sjsu.edu nldn2md[3806]: MD FILE SCHEMA IS:  ...BUT USER 
>Jan 14 19:22:18 vortex.sjsu.edu nldn2md[3806]: Exiting
>I did a SCHEMA DCNLDN to register the SCHEMA

OK.  Did you first make sure that your McIDAS-X session was "pointing"
(i.e. had a REDIRECTion) to the copy of SCHEMA that should exist in the
directory in which nldn2md writes its output?  If not, you may have just
been checking to see whether or not the NLDN schema is registered
in the copy of SCHEMA that comes with the McIDAS-X distribution.

>.....but it was
>already there and working fine at one time.


>I did upgrade to MCIDAS-7.6
>recently.....hmmm. When I do a LSCHE it shows NLDN version 2 1998337.

This is the same version that I am using here with no problems.

>Everything else seems to be working fine with my LDM and MCIDAS. Any
>suggestions on where to go from here? 

The SCHEMA MISMATCH error will only be seen when the decoder is
attempting to write into an existing MD file.  This may be the case if
the SCHEMA has actually changed and one is in the middle of the day or
if the MD file has not been scoured before it gets to be 10 days old.
I am betting that the latter is the case.  If it is the case that you
have preexisting NLDN MD files, then you should make sure to scour them
and then verify that the decoder can correctly file data.


Please let me know if your problem was one of a preexisting (i.e., old)
MD file.


>From address@hidden  Tue Jan 18 11:19:22 2000
re: Please let me know if your problem was one of a preexisting (i.e., old)
MD file.

Yes, I believe you are correct. When it started writing to a new MD
file-day it worked fine. I think I originally had the thing pointing to
the wrong or old SCHEMA file, and when I fixed that I forgot to remove
the existing MD file.

I do have another problem with with plotting the NLDN data, but I think
it is unrelated to the SCHEMA problem so I'll send a separate email
here in a minute.

thanks for your help!


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