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20000114: Another compilation error

>From: "Karli Lopez (McIDAS)" <address@hidden>
>Organization: UPR
>Keywords: 200001090258.TAA00147 ldm-mcidas


>I'm sorry to say I have again run into an error compiling 'make test',
>this time (both in versions 7.6.1 and 7.6.2) I get the exact same error:
> -------
>+ pwd
>+ ././proftomd -f 19982992000.nc -d
>/decode -vl- U2 WPRO 81
>Jan 14 22:12:53 proftomd[22178]: Starting up
>Jan 14 22:12:53 proftomd[22178]: Could not open 19982992000.nc
>Jan 14 22:12:53 proftomd[22178]: could not decode data -1
>Jan 14 22:12:53 proftomd[22178]: Exiting
> -------
>this is just an excerpt from the last few lines of the make, everything
>else up to AREA 1061 works fine.
>Could it be a similar problem?

Yup, probably so.  I suggest skipping the test step and jumping to using
the decoders.  I will revisit the contents of my distribution sometime
between now and Tuesday and correct all of my problems.  The good news
is that I am convinced that there are no problems in the decoders, so
running the test step is unnecessary.

>Karli Lopez


>From address@hidden  Fri Jan 14 15:04:07 2000

Thank you very much for the help and for providing the file.  I feared
I was doing something wrong.  Again, thanks for the help.

Karli Lopez

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