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20000111: LDM-Mcidas Compilation error:

>From: "Karli Lopez (McIDAS)" <address@hidden>
>Organization: UPR
>Keywords: 200001090258.TAA00147 ldm-mcidas


>Included is the information the instructions asked for when building LDM

The 'make test' failure you ran into was due to my error: I failed to
include the NLDN test file in the manifest of files for the source
distribution of ldm-mcidas.  I just put out a new source ldm-mcidas
distribution that does include this test file, so you could get it if
you wish.  I would advise you that you can probably skip this step.  If
you want to insure that the test works correctly, then FTP the test
file, 9912406.nldn, from the pub/ldm-mcidas directory of our anonymous
FTP server, ftp.unidata.ucar.edu, and put it in the src/decode
directory of the ldm-mcidas distribution (make sure to FTP the file in
binary mode!).  After doing that you should be able to run 'make test'
with no errors.

Sorry for the problems.

Tom Yoksas

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