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19991203: ldm-mcidas Y2K issues

>From: McIDAS <address@hidden>
>Organization: McIDAS proyect
>Keywords: 199912030405.VAA02145 ldm-mcidas Y2K


Robb Kambic has responded on the LDM issues; I am responding with
ldm-mcidas related issues.

>I manually deleted the ldm.pq file and restarted ldm.  So far the
>program has been running for more than 40 minutes, so we'll have to
>see if this keeps up.

>I just checked the route.k file and to
>my surprise most of the feeds are dated 99317 (but I am not sure what
>day that is supposed to be).

Today's date is 99337 (or 1999337).  It appears, therefore, that the
references in your ROUTE.SYS file are 20 days old.

>Those are the latest dates except for NLDN with 99320.

So, the lightning data is 17 days old.

>If this fails also, I would be very glad if you log into
>the machine.  Just let me know how would you want me to supply the
>password, if by phone or email.

I can logon to your machine and check your setup if you provide me
logins for both your 'mcidas' and 'ldm' users.  I am assuming that the
machine name that these packages are installed on is breeze.uprm.edu.
Please let me know if this is not the case.

>Also, the year's almost over and I beleive I hear that old versions of
>ldm have Y2K problems, is this correct.

The LDM does not have Y2K issues, but McIDAS and ldm-mcidas do.

>If so what versions of ldm and
>ldm-mcidas should I be running?  Again, I have ldm 5.0.5 and ldm-mcidas
>7.1.1 (or 7.1.3) running for Mcidas 7.5 which I'll soon upgrade to 7.6

You should upgrade to:

McIDAS - 7.6
ldm-mcidas - 7.6.1

It is best/easiest to upgrade to these distributions in lock step.

>Again, thanks.
>Karli Lopez

Tom Yoksas

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