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19990820: We are having problems again...

>From: McIDAS <address@hidden>
>Organization: McIDAS proyect
>Keywords: 199908201415.IAA18376 IDD feed requests


I am jumping in mainly to comment on a nids2area question that Karli
mentions near the end of the email.

>Well, to be honest, at this point I am not sure what is really wrong
>with this machine.  We are not getting any weather text, somthing we
>constantly get, and I suppose are requesting them from you.

I did a quick notifyme:

notifyme -vxl- -o 3600 -h breeze.upr.clu.edu

and see text (IDS|DDPLUS), HRS, and others rolling in.

>I have been checking the routing table for the past couple of hours
>quite often and don't see any change, except in the three feedsets I
>listed in my last email. I've been checking the log files and it all
>seems to be working fine.  I've only seen some errors which I don't know
>if they're normal or not:
>Aug 20 18:07:40 5Q:breeze aqua[13138]: run_requester: 19990820170740.000
>{{UNIDATA,  ".*"},{FSL2|MCIDAS,  ".*"}}
>Aug 20 18:07:41 5Q:breeze aqua[13138]: FEEDME(aqua.atmos.uah.edu):
>19990820170740.000 TS_ENDT {{UNIDATA,  ".*"},{MCIDAS,  ".*"}}
>Aug 20 18:07:43 5Q:breeze nids2area[13209]: NIDS2AREA -- BEGIN
>Aug 20 18:07:43 5Q:breeze nids2area[13209]: PRODUCT CODE=RA         
>Aug 20 18:07:43 5Q:breeze nids2area[13209]: NIDS2AREA -- DONE AREA 660
>Aug 20 18:07:45 5Q:breeze aqua[13138]: FEEDME(aqua.atmos.uah.edu): OK
>Aug 20 18:08:34 5Q:breeze pqexpire[13140]: > Recycled   2893.596 kb/hr
>269.451 prods per hour)
>Aug 20 18:08:35 5Q:breeze nids2area[13222]: NIDS2AREA -- BEGIN
>Aug 20 18:08:35 5Q:breeze nids2area[13222]: PRODUCT CODE=RI         
>Aug 20 18:08:36 5Q:breeze nids2area[13222]: NIDS2AREA -- DONE AREA 1017
>Aug 20 18:08:42 5Q:breeze aqua[13138]: Connection reset by peer
>Aug 20 18:08:42 5Q:breeze aqua[13138]: Disconnect
>Aug 20 18:15:03 5Q:breeze nids2area[13279]: NIDS2AREA -- DONE AREA 843
>Aug 20 18:15:25 5Q:breeze nids2area[13261]: NIDS2AREA -- BEGIN
>Aug 20 18:15:25 5Q:breeze nids2area[13261]: PRODUCT CODE=RJ         
>Aug 20 18:15:25 5Q:breeze nids2area[13261]: ***Bad size radial 211, run
>p_head.num_bin 230
>Aug 20 18:15:25 5Q:breeze nids2area[13261]: ERROR reading NIDS product. 
>Aborting! -1
>Aug 20 18:15:41 5Q:breeze aqua[13138]: Connection reset by peer
>Aug 20 18:15:41 5Q:breeze aqua[13138]: Disconnect
>Aug 20 18:16:11 5Q:breeze aqua[13138]: run_requester: 19990820171627.534
>{{UNIDATA,  ".*"},{FSL2|MCIDAS,  ".*"}}
>Aug 20 18:16:19 5Q:breeze aqua[13138]: FEEDME(aqua.atmos.uah.edu):
>19990820171627.534 TS_ENDT {{UNIDATA,  ".*"},{MCIDAS,  ".*"}}
>Aug 20 18:16:20 5Q:breeze aqua[13138]: FEEDME(aqua.atmos.uah.edu): OK
>Aug 20 18:16:21 3Q:breeze aqua[13138]: 3fbb532e61ed5961d443f5dfa0749467:
>Notice the "never completed" at the end (which appear peridically in the
>log file,) and the ***Bad size radial 211. What do these lines mean?

The never completed message is telling you that that particular product
never came in completely.  The bad size radial message is from the
ldm-mcidas decoder, nids2area.  It is saying that there could have been
a problem in the NIDS data product.  It could also be that your
ldm-mcidas decoders need updating.  We fixed a problem in nids2area
that caused these Bad size radial messages a while ago.  The latest
ldm-mcidas release contains the updated code.

>All I get from this is that it seems to be connecting, but when I check
>with McIDAS and LDM on my end, it doesn't show that any data is flowing
>(other than WSI and NLDN).

notifyme is a very handy tool for troubleshooting.  When you are not
getting products from your upstream site, you can check to see if
they are getting the products or not.  For instance, you could have

notifyme -vxl - -o 3600 -h aqua.atmos.uah.edu

To see what they have received over the past hour (3600 seconds).
notifyme does not terminate by itself.  If left, it will continue
listing out new products that the '-h' host receives.

>I'm trying to help as much as I can, but I still need to learn much of
>the system.

I realize that this is very difficult given that you have not been
able to attend any Unidata training workshops.  My advice is to hang
in there and things will get easier as you see more and more of how
the IDD works.

Tom Yoksas

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