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Re: Datas

--On Tue, Apr 27, 1999 3:07 PM -0600 Jimmy Mejia
<address@hidden> wrote:

>        How are you, How is going the things in your job??
>        Here the beautiful sun is going, the raining season is arriving
>        and the beaches days are almos over. A little sad...:(

I'm glad it was still sunny when I visited.  :)  Things are just fine here.
I leave Thursday for a few days in New York City, and I'm looking forward
to that.

>        I had finished compiling and installing mcidas in titan
> (the Sun machine) I also had installed mcidas-ldm and netcdf decoder in
> titan.
> I printed some of the FAQs about the ldm configuration, but still I did
> not find information about how to get satellite data from unidata in our
> region. 

If you look at the pqact.conf file I created, I think you will find
comments I entered there about McIDAS data.  In particular, I think I
placed a # at the beginning of a pattern-action entry that (if it were not
a comment) would cause McIDAS data to begin flowing.  However, I don't
remember how the entry is coded to create file names.

The best plan would be for you to get help from our support staff on this
configuration detail, perhaps by sending a copy of pqact.conf to support
(address@hidden).  Better yet, you could send support the
password for the ldm account.  (Alternatively you could send the user name
and password for the account you set up for me, because I've forgotten
them.)  With such access, the Unidata support staff will log in remotely
and help you configure the ldm and McIDAS systems.

> I do not know if you can help me with that, I am also interested in to get
> GRIDS data.

I think you are already receiving some gridded data (check the pqact.conf
file to see), but again I don't remember how or if they are being filed.
The format in which these grids are transmitted is GRIB, and that may not
be compatible with your PC-GRIDS software.  Again, our support staff can
help you resolve this, though it may be easier to install GEMPAK than to
deal with the format translation issue.  (GEMPAK and McIDAS-XCD can both
handle GRIB files.)

>  I will apreciate very much any help that you can give to me.
> Thank You very much.

You are most welcome.

>                Your friend Jimmy.
> P.d. Somebody took the Squirt that you got to me, when I went to search
> it, it was gone! bad luck for me :(

I'm sorry to hear this bad news -- I hoped you would enjoy it!

Best regards,