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19990426: lwtoa3 Permission denied?

>From: "Neil R. Smith" <address@hidden>
>Organization: Dept. Meteorology, TAMU
>Keywords: 199904270033.SAA29935 ldm-mcidas lwtoa3


>Why is my mcidas log showing errors like these: 
>Apr 26 05:17:41 lwtoa3[12107]: cannot open file "AREA1317" for writing:
>Permission denied
>Apr 26 06:37:46 lwtoa3[13110]: cannot open file "AREA2100" for writing:
>Permission denied

It looks like the files that lwtoa3 is trying to write to:

o already exist
o do not have write permission for the user running lwtoa3 (run by the
  LDM, so run by the user running the LDM)

Tom Yoksas

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