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19990201: nids2area

>From: Anthony Rockwood - MSCD Meteorology <address@hidden>
>Organization: Metropolitan State College of Denver
>Keywords: 199902011920.MAA08705 nids2area dmgrid


>I'd say we use GEMPAK/GARP 90% of the time for looking at NIDS products,
>so if turning it off would help in both space and speed, let's do it.

I figured this.  In the next release of McIDAS (7.5) the GUI will support
using ADDE commands for displaying NIDS, so you will not need to covert
them to AREA files anyway.

Here's what you need to do.  Log on as ldm and got to the ~ldm/etc directory.
Comment out the nids2area lines in pqact.conf.  Then send a HUP signal
to pqact to have it reread it's configuration file:

ps -eaf | grep pqact      (find process id of pqact)
kill -HUP pid             (where pid is the process id of pqact)

Since you can't get into your system right now, I'll do this for you.

Also, I turned off the GRIB decoder for McIDAS.  I don't think you are
using these files anyway and they take up about 400Mb of disk space.
I just ran:


while logged in as the user mcidas.  If you want to re-activate it,
then run the command above and change INACTIVE to ACTIVE.

>Sorry about the panic call this morning.  I know the last thing you want
>to deal with on Monday morning is someone with a locked up system.  As
>long as data are flowing and I can look at it with something, I'm ok till
>we can get it fixed.  But thanks as usual ..

I'm waiting for our system admin to get in so I can ask him about this.
Something is screwed up with the initialization of CDE.  I'll get back to
you when I find out what is wrong.


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