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[IDV #ZLG-717150]: 20190611: GOES-16 GLM lightning usage


I am not sure that you are the correct person to be receiving this email,
but I am hoping that you might be, or perhaps you know who the following
should be forwarded to.

For some time now, we have been experiencing unusually high load averages
related to ADDE access to GLM lightning data on our server 
From what we can see on our side, the load is being caused by an IDV (or 
user in El Salvador that has turned on auto updating of displays of GLM 
data that is served by ADDE.  The GLM data update requests that are seeing
are on the order of once per second.

Discussions with our IDV developer about what may be causing this revealed
that the cause was not due to a mis-configuration by an end-user, but, rather,
with something in the IDV.  The solution to the problem we are seeing is for
the end-user to upgrade his/her IDV installation to the latest nightly build

If you are the person that is running the IDV to create GLM lightning displays,
we are requesting that you update your IDV installation to the most recent 
build.  If you are not the person that is running the IDV to generate GLM
lightning displays, we are hoping that you may know who the right person to
contact is and can let the person/group know that s/he/they should upgrade
their IDV installation as soon as practical.

Many thanks in advance for any help you can give!


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