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[IDV #OLZ-226416]: where is weather's radar catalog?

Hi Brian,

It looks like we may have not setup the RADAR server on your machine. I 
actually don't know 
that the RADAR server was working in the version of TDS that you are using (it 
used to be heavily
tied to our machine, motherlode). At the time, no one else was actually using 
the RadarServer but
us at Unidata.

You should be able to load the data from the catalog you point to in your 
message via the catalog 
chooser. It's definitely a bit more clunky to navigate the catalog, but it will 
do the trick for now.


> > I got a request for radar data from January 16. It has just expired from 
> > the rolling archive at your end.
> >
> > I see lots of data at http://weather.rsmas.miami.edu/thredds/idd/radars.html
> > But the IDV doesnât see it when I replace the default catalog name with 
> > weather.rsmas.miami.edu<http://weather.rsmas.miami.edu>.
> >
> > Is there some special trick?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Brian
> >
> Hi Brian,
> Ryan is the guy knows the radar server, so I will transfer this support 
> ticket to his support group.
> Yuan
> >
> > [cid:6E4D8672-944C-4274-A29C-209337FE564C]
> >
> >
> >
> >

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