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[IDV #XNQ-939998]: GFS Best Time Series Problems

> Yuan:
> Here's another issue that might be more on the THREDDS Side than IDV.
> In the attached bundle gfs-BTS-problem.xidv, I'm accessing 3-h GFS
> Best Time Series data.  Note in the outgoing long-wave radiation how it
> is flicking back and forth presumably from differing model grids.  These
> are clearly not analysis times or forecast hours from the same model.
> Also, I thought that "Best Time Series" was supposed to grab
> analysis grids where possible?  In the attached atmos5010-nam.xidv
> bundle, it is clearly grabbing forecast grids when it should be grabbing
> analysis grids.
> Let me know if you have further questions.
> Jim

      At this point, we know what is going on with the Best Time Series (BTS) 
of GFS. I think the proposed analysis dataset collection
will be very helpful for your case.

      By the way, I did some tests on the NAM 12 km BTS and individual runs, it 
does look correct to me and I wonder how
you come to the conclusion of: " First, during the periods prior to the latest 
model run, I should be getting 0 hour analyses or 
3 hour forecasts from the NAM.  That isn't the case, at least at times when a 0 
hour analysis is available.  Instead, 
I'm getting a 6 hour forecast (see, for example, 00, 06, 12, or 18 UTC times 
early in the loop when satellite and radar 
imagery are available."

     I compared the first few time steps of BTS with each individual runs, not 
seeing any 6 hour forecast in the BTS. Do I miss


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