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[IDV #KIG-233190]: NLDN data

Hi Levi,

> Is there a good way to view NLDN data in IDV?

If you have files of NLDN data in a local (or NFS mounted) directory, you
can load the lightning data through the:

Dashboard -> Data Chooser -> Files

link.  You will need to specify netCDF / GEMPAK Point Data Files as the
Data Source Type.

The next thing you will want to do is to specify the user of the Lightning
layout model when doing a Point Data Plot.  After that, there are a number
of things that can be done like fading the display by time.

> Are there any programs that
> can sift and organize NLDN data into columns (such as polarity and IC/CG)?

One of the display types you can use after you load the lightning data from
a local file is a Point Data List.  This will give you a tabular view of the
data in the file, and you will be able to sort the data by field values
(e.g., by 'sgnl' which is the signal strength). NB: you will likely want
to click on the Select Fields button in the control for the Point Data List
display and choose most if not all of the fields to list.  At this point,
you can output the values into a CSV or netCDF file via the Files -> Save
action in the control for the Point Data List display.  Once the data is
in a CSV file, you could use whatever program you can find for "sifting"
the data.

Something you might need: an LDM pattern-action file action that will
FILE the NLDN data.  Here is one that files all of the NLDN data received
grouped by hour:

        FILE    -close  data/nldn/\1\2\3.ingest


- a number of the white spaces in this action must be tabs, not spaces

  One way to read this listing is:

<tab>FILE<tab>-close  data/nldn/\1\2\3.ingest

Please let us know if you need more information.


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