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[python #VAJ-430528]: Animate within IPython Notebook?


Sorry for the delayed response. We have been backlogged lately, and we do not
have much official support for doing Python work, yet.

At any rate, you were on the right track. See attached notebook which should
hopefully work for you.

The tricky part is you will need to have the following imports:

from JSAnimation import IPython_display
from JSAnimation.IPython_display import display_animation

Also, don't forget to

%matplotlib inline

Let us know if you are having trouble importing JSAnimation.

It is available here on binstar:

(OS X) https://binstar.org/julienchastang/jsanimation
(Linux) https://binstar.org/rsignell/jsanimation
(Windows) ?????

Let us know if you need help going with conda. Also, see this great video about



Unidata Python Support

> Ryan,
> I was wondering if there is a way to include animations within an
> IPython Notebook?  Attached is a notebook I created to calculate 1D
> model data.  At the end of the notebook (Section 8) I want an animation
> to appear.  Everything works up through section 7, but for section 8 it
> just plots the initial data and doesn't animate.
> It would be very useful if animation could be embedded within the
> notebook.  Maybe I'm simply missing a step.
> Thanks for your time,
> Sincerely,
> Alex DeCaria
> Millersville University

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